Monday, August 18, 2008

Where did the whale spout go?

This is my PieSweety. The light of my life. She is going away to school. A little girl that has stood within a few feet of my space for over 18 years.
We are going to be learning about what our new normal will be. Everyone's normal is different. We learn to function in the normal we creat. Now this little girl is going off to college and creating what will be her normal. Does that even sound normal?
Her bedroom is so warm and cozy. Her art hanging from the walls, her collections and treasures neatly designed, because she has always let me decorate her room for her. She begs me to do it and then turns around and always says I love it!!! I told her that I am going to use her room as my private get-a-way because it's just the kind of room you want to lose yourself in.
I have prepared my heart, emotions, and head for this for a long time. And then I look at this sweet face and think wahhhhhh! Okay getting msyelf together one more time. I pray that God will continue to use her for His glory in all she says and does. I pray for any boy that might think she is the one, that he realizes that he is not. LOL
I know many of you have grown children who have moved away. I read your blogs all the time gleaming little bits of wisdom, pleasure, and warmth to see how your relationships are changing, some of the challenges and so much fun. Thanks to all you moms who have become my mentors through your heartful sharing.


  1. How in the world does this relate to a whale spout?

  2. There are so many who are going through what you're going through. I went through it last year. A few days ago, I posted on my blog a piece entitled "Raising faith: Embracing your release." Considering this season in your life, you may want to take a peek. Maybe you already have. Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with you as you both make this transition.


  3. Prayers and HUGS to you. My oldest left home in June and it was tough. I miss her a lot, but our relationship has vastly improved (we had a lot of difficulties those last 2 years) and she found a church she loves and gave the Lord her heart, so in spite of missing her I am thrilled for her too!

  4. I must say that it's been great reading your blog and getting a glimpse of your life. You have become a mentor to me albeit a virtual one but I always learn so much after I leave your site. You are a great encourager and inspiration and someone I want to become like. When I see you I see Christ and what a better mentor is there than that? Blessings to you and your sweet family as you learn a new normal. :)

  5. Oh, I know this is a difficult transition!!

    I'll be praying for you as you learn to adjust.

    Another season in your life, God will be with you, and with her♥

  6. Ditto what faith hope love said! I always come away a bit wiser and feeling so blessed when I read you! I can't imagine how hard it will be when my little girl moves away. Just tonight as I was putting her to bed, she was staring into my eyes and I thought, "someday you'll be putting your baby to bed and staring into their eyes" and it made me cry!
    Thanks for letting us read your life!

  7. This is hard for a mom, but you know she will be fine. I will pray that PieSweety has a safe journey through this new phase of her life.


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