Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Someone playing Mama...

I have always pray that God would bring people into my children's lives to love on them like a mommy would in the event that I could not be present. My son is clear across the country. God has brought some very special people into his life. One person he actually uses the word Mama before her name. Even though I had prayed this for years, when it actually happens there was this feeling of..."oh, wait God, I prayed for this, but now that you have answered my prayers I feel somehow misplaced". For weeks I was unsure of how I would adapt to this other woman who not only loved on my son, but my son loved her right back. Wow.

Elliot would say over and over...."mom she is so much like you.". He would say how he loved being in their home because it felt like his home. Right down to the leather furniture in the family room, the cozy blankets to watch TV with, and the same exact dining room dishes. God knew all the things that Elliot needed to feel a sense of security being so far away from home for the first time. God provided a special mamma for my son. Once I met this special person a very wonderful friendship began and to this day I feel a little silly feeling that I could ever be replaced. That was my own insecurities in sending my first born off to college.

I got a call from Elliot this morning. His voice was serious and I knew this was to be a time of just listening. Elliot has been blessed musically. God has provided platforms for him to use his gifts. Recently he was chosen to be part of an Easter special for TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) This was his first real "career" type deal. He had to sign a contract with the company and this is a paying job. Very exciting for him, and for his family as well. He has been practicing long hours after school, and filming began yesterday.

Last night he was pulled aside by one of the directors. He was very firmly told that because he did not know all the words to two of the songs, he had 15 minutes to learn the words or he was out. Now something about Elliot that truly amazes me is his ability to step up under pressure. And that he did. He felt humbled, embarressed, and he realized that he truly did not get the seriousness of this project. He was honored to be there, honored to be chosen and has learned so much. But he admittedly did not really get the it.

In his own words this morning..."mom I feel like God gave me this woman, who in her mind was taking care serious business, but for me it was like a mother telling me what I needed to do improve and come into a higher step of business and performance". At the end of filming, and yes he learned all the words, he road back in the car with this woman, and thanked her for taking the time to help him understand the seriousness of this project. He thanked her for her direction and teachings.

Yep, God blessed my son once again. It's the gentle voice of authority that comes along to teach and guide. The kind of person that he can say..."like a mother". I pray for this in all my children's lives. I am no longer insecure about God answering my prayers. I am greatful. I want to hug these woman every single day for the positive and Godly influence in Elliot's life as he is growing into a young man of God.

Mothers if you don't already pray this for your children I suggest you start praying everyday that God brings people who will teach and guide in way that your child can respect and honor for the love and time given them. I am so blessed today.

p.s. when I have the time and schedule for the airing of this Easter Special, you can bet I will be blogging it. Thanks for reading today.


  1. I can't wait to see the special. I will keep praying this. I always said you can never have enough people to love you. The more people who do the better off you are. True it can be a little bit difficult when it actually happens as in your sons case, but Thank God He will deliver us from this also. Thank God for people who truly care for others.

  2. Congratulations to your son. It appears you have done a great job with him. No wonder you are so proud of him.

  3. Dear Elizabeth - What a great story! Can't wait to see the special... proud mama!

    Also, thanks for sharing this tidbit of wisdom about praying for "like a mother"... I would've wanted my mother praying this over me... how much more so for my son... We're taught to pray for our children's future spouses... but how much more important is this! I will begin thoughtfully praying for this!

  4. What wonderful advice. I prayed recently for the teachers that my girls will have next year and the friendships but how many other people touch their lives?! I will start praying today! You are so insightful and I am greaful.

  5. I love this prayer. Many times in my life I wish someone else had mothered me...and other times I have been thankful that someone did.

    So many of the prayers I pray for my kids, I learned from other moms. I love that!

  6. Your son sounds like an amazing young man. My daughter Meghan is a junior this year in high school and we are going next week to check out the 'promised land' of the college that she hopes to attend in the Fall of 2009. I will be reading your posts here regularly about your son. I am living vicariously through you right now! And I am going to put your blog up on my favorites because I need to get to you in a hurry to see how things are going.

    Oh, one more thing about praying for our children. I heard a great saying once, "Talk to your young children about God. Talk to God about your adult chidlren."

    Happy Easter! Joanne
    p.s. My daughter too has a desire to sing.

  7. That is so awesome, I am so excited for him! It is one of my prayers for my children that God brings people into their lives that will help them live more for Him. It sounds like she is helping him with that.

  8. Our sons sound so alike! Where is he at school?


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