Monday, August 18, 2008

elizabeth embracing her four year old....

Nieghbor boy: Says to Ethan..."that thing on your head is funnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeee looking"

Ethan: Looks up at the boy.

Eric: My four year old steps into the situation and says...."in our family, we think funny is cool"

Ethan wears these hearing devices on the outside of his head. Held in place by magnets under the skin. Yep, they look funny. Especially if you don't know what they are. The neighbor kid was saying it in a very teasing and hurtful way. Which Ethan did not even get, but Eric caught on. I am so proud of Eric.


  1. way to go Eric for sticking up for his brother! I feel sorry for the neighbor kids as their circumstances are encouraging low self esteem... You, however, are doing an amazing mommy job in raising your boys.

  2. Good for Eric! I agree with beloved mama, what a shame that he neighbor kids are obviously suffering. I'd be delighted to have your family as neighbors!!

    By the way thanks for the kind words on my new layout. I would be delighted to do one for you if you'd like, just email me. It's really simple and no charge to you.

  3. Go Brother Eric.
    Funny is cool in our family too! Way Cool.
    So is unconditional love.

  4. You must have felt so proud! Eric sounds like a wise little 4 yr old.

  5. ERic is wise and wonderful. Well done mommy.



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