Friday, August 8, 2008

On the positive side....

I am still struggling with my neighbors. I find I have gained some ground only to have a few more steps backwards. Today I felt most depressed over the situation. Yesterday was not a good day.

I woke up this morning praying that I could just smile through the day. Get through the stress and enjoy my Friday with my boys. We baked muffins, and chocolate treats, did a coffee drive through, and prayed the muffins I left in the oven did not burn. Sometimes, as down as I am I still have to go through the motions of what I would do if my spirits were higher. So as not to suck everyone around me into my own personal trials.

The boys wanted to walk some treats down to a couple ( neighbors) that leave for vacation. They were very excited about choosing what treats to bring them. It was fun to watch the three of them go through the process of how many of what. We walked them down and Mr. E was home. They were thrilled to visit him. He walked the boys out into his garden to show them around. His garden reminds me of a fancy living room that someone takes great pride in. It was fun to watch as the boys asked, often at the same time, all these questions. He allowed them to not only look, but to pick off vegetables that were ripe. As I watched I realized that I am really blessed. I do have nice neighbors down the street, ones that live behind us, and all around us. It's just the ones that cause me grief are right next door. I enjoyed watching Mr. E explain in detail what each plant was. His raised garden, and water system are something truly to admire and the boys and I did.

We went back inside his house, only to have him step back out into the garden. The boys and I went to look for him. He informed the boys that sometimes there are candy flowers that grow. Kind of like Willy Wonka's garden. He gave them direction as to where these special flowers might be, and wouldn't you know it there they were. Lollipops!!! Lovely and colorful. What a great sense of humor. These boys have talked all afternoon about the garden.

Later we were out and about. As I drove up my drive, a different neighbor came carrying a bag and flagged me down. She had just come down from my house and wanted to leave us with lettuce from her garden. I was just tickled. It was like God reminding me that all is not so bad dear Elizabeth. You have been blessed with much more.

So, with that being said, I truly am blessed by the people who live around me. Friendly, kind, thoughtful, funny, interesting, and truly made my day today. I tried loading pictures of the lovely veggies, but kept getting an error, so I will try again soon. I am glad I got the pictures before the first one went into my mouth because life is good when you are eating food right out of the garden, hand picked that day.

Seriously I suck at the picture thing. My computer is hit and miss for speed and I never have patience to figure things out. I think the pictures have come through. I hope they have.


  1. Elizabeth - You are handling this is such a godly manner. I unfortunately blew up at my neighbors (basketball hoop... kids late night) when we first moved here... and have felt that it tarnished my witness for the past 6 years. My only solace is that God can turn my folly into His fame....

  2. Wow! You do have wonderful neighbors around you. I especially like Mr E with the lillipop plant!
    I'm sure you'll find a way to stress less about the next door ones.

  3. I love reading your insights into yourself. I can totally identify with how you feel when you say going through the motions of what you would do if you were not feeling down, I do that often. I find many times that it picks me up too. Still praying for you and your neighbors.

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself about the neighbors. I too struggle with how to handle neighbors (their kids actually) and it can really weigh you down. I'm glad you were able to see the beauty all around you with your other neighbors. How cute with the lollipop. :)

  5. oh how fun! a lollipop garden :o)

  6. I have awesome neighbors. One is Dr. John. He's a car doctor. How convenient is that?

    On another note, in this shifting season of your life, may God be the constant and the footing you need to readjust to your new normal. My second child is entering his senior year and the younger two...well, they're only just beginning their endeavors into academia!

    We are just a couple of moms trying to find our gravity in the midst of the shift. I'll be thinking of you as your daughter begins her new journey!


  7. Enjoyed reading about your garden neighbors adventures. Loved the candy plant idea!

    My daughter gave me butter lettuce from her garden which has been ravaged by little critters this year, and the beaver that dammed up the Meadow Creek which then raised the lake to cover half her garden! lol

    Blessings Elizabeth!


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