Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today I prayed, as I sat on the curb with my neighbor, “Lord Jesus, help to know what to say to this woman, and help me to have the kindest spirit in the world”. Why would I pray those words in that moment?

This is a family that has caused me great pain and suffering. Last night I lay in bed, my husband asked me to just smile and I could not even find that for him. My heart has ached over the situation with the neighbors. Watching as their children are running muck, or not being supervised. Read a few blogs earlier for greater details.

Today I had two friends over for a big outside play date. Ten kids in all, riding bikes, tractors, toys on our nice little street. Her children arrived. I could feel my blood boil as her garage door opened and there in plain view a table saw, on the ground plugged in. I boiled as I realized I could not supervise her children today. Not today or any day. The other mom’s and one dad all felt the anxiety I have felt ever single day as they now had to protect their own children from harm.

I went to her door and so politely said that this is not okay. I showed her the saw and said there are all these kids, and this is eye candy, and she put her door down, pulled her kids in and our play date continued. Within a few minutes her six year old is now pressed against a screen from a second story window. I looked at the dad and he said we have to say something. We would all feel guilty if that kid falls out that window. So up her walk I went.

I told her that her son has all of us worried. I again invited her out for just a half hour. I even asserted myself a little more and said that it’s so hard to know your kids know we are all out here and they can’t. Please just take a half an hour to bring your children out.

She did and I introduced her to everyone, offered her children lunch, as I had plenty of leftovers and we all small talked and chit chatted. My friends had been over for a few hours and kids needed naps. So soon they all left and there I was with her alone for the very first time. And for this reason I prayed.

I felt lead to ask very specific questions of the heart, tears poured down her cheek as she shared. Her life is not easy. With each question she opened up and shared, without any hesitation. I felt I was lead by God, because I don’t think I can come up with this stuff on my own, and she freely shared.

So today, I ask all of you who read my blog to lift this family up in prayer. Put a little post-it on your frig. and pray that our family would/could somehow be a support in the best way that we can. I think today will be the first time in four weeks that I can pause and no longer be frustrated, but rather know how to pray for a family that so desperately needs it.

Thanks for your comments of support and wisdom. We still need to be on alert for the safety of our kids and I feel more comfortable going over and saying…hello, but could you……….We have an awesome God that is for sure!!


  1. Praise God for leading you today. He is so gracious and His love shows through here! I will continue to pray for you & this family that He has obviously put into your path to be ministered to.Praying for His direction, His mercy and His love to pour out onto you and this neighbor.For wisdom and protection for the care of these children. He is an awesome, awesome God. Bless you.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am often frustrated with several neighbor children and this is an awesome reminder of Christ's love and faithful prayer.

  3. Oh, Elizabeth! Praise God for neighbors like you. You are an example for all of us. Thank God for your willingness to pray... and be used by God... for not giving up! Yo u go girl!

  4. Nose rings and neighbors. You've had some week. OK, my son didn't get a nose ring but when he returned from his first few weeks of college, he had facial hair. Lots of it. I hated it and his growing hair, but I had to let go and allow him a measure of freedom.

    As to the neighbor, you did the good and right thing and in the end, God is pleased with your going the extra mile on her behalf. I will think about her in thoughtful prayer the next time my neighbor plays his music too loud and streaks through the sideyard on his motorcycle.


  5. My mother once said to me... "Sometimes we plant the seed that we will never see grow but that doesn't mean it won't ever grow.... it is merely our job sometimes to plant the seed."

    Seems like you started with planting a seed!

    you have my prayers!

  6. Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering how that family was doing. There is always a reason behind the way things are isn't there?

  7. We've been praying about this situation and I'm so delighted to read this update. What miraculous work the Lord has done through you! YOU are the kind of neighbor we all need.

  8. Sweetie, I will be lifting you, and this family up in my prayers.

  9. God puts us in the exact place where we need to be. He placed you in that neighborhood for a reason!

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