Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Reading Challenge

If you want to get into reading this summer with like minded people, then join this blog and get busy reading. I posted a comment of some of the things we do around here. Visit this blog and join.

Here is what we do around here...

We are doing lots of reading this summer. More so now, which is has been fun. Here are some spots, ideas on how we do it around here.

The dining room. Never a room for play or rough housing. Books are piled up and we go into the dining room and everyone sits quietly reading. It's no hard fast rule, it's just a general location since we all seem to be den animals and love being in each other's space.

Before nap and bedtime, the two year old goes into his crib with a pile of books. While he is looking at picture books, the 4 & 6 year old get to choose two story books each. I give up any agenda's in my home and just lay on the floor and read for about 45 minutes, doing double time as they are both present. Hubby will typically finish up with the 2 year old and read him a book and tuck him in.

I take time to read while everyone is napping. I will sit out on the porch in my favorite chair with the sunshine and read. Often the six year old will come and join me with a book. I tell him this is mommy's quiet time, so he goes and gets a book and tries to be quiet.
I hope this helps with some ideas. We are in, we are joining and we love reading in our home. Little ones can even write book reports. The title and author of the book.

My older children are already passionate about reading, so I don't need to encourage or challenge them. They are often putting new reads in front of me. I also like taking lots of notes in church on Sunday's and then exploring more deeper the scripture base of Sunday's sermon. That gets me reading my Bible more too. So jump on into the pages of summer excitement and fun.

Oh yes, I think reading blogs counts for my reading time.


  1. Reading blogs should definitely count for reading time :-) We are reading the Chronicles of Narnia this summer.
    I haven't been by to visit lately because of our crazy schedule this summer, but I wanted to let you know I left you an award on my site. Come by to visit.

  2. Reading is great - one of my favorite things to do when I can fit it in. Lately, I've been working too hard on edits. Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

  3. Hi! Thanks for joining the challenge and for writing about it on your blog. These are great tips, and it sounds like you are creating lifelong readers and have an excellent routine!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! I love to read and so do my older girls. The 3yo is devloping a passion for reading too. We grab a pile of books whenever the mood strikes and cuddle up on the bed or couch and read the afternoon away. It's wonderful.

  5. Our daughter loves books too (she's 19 months)- and has been "reading" them since she was just a few months old. We've always kept her books on a bottom shelf on the bookcase where she could crawl over and look through them. (I can't believe how worn out they are already!) :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Blogger does seem to be having issues with loading blogs lately. Hopefully that gets fixed during their scheduled maintenance today.

    Michele :)

  6. Books Rock! I love to read and so does my entire family. It is a wonderful thing to sit around in silence with all noses stuck in their respective books =)

  7. What treasured ideas! I love them each one. I need to do better in this area, both with my kids and with myself.

    And as for the "scare" thing you got going on in your household...

    My bladder and my nerves could never abide such a game. This is too funny...from a distance.


  8. I am a huge fan of reading too. My house looks like a library gone wild. I am going to check out this link today.

    PS I tagged you for a little meme if you want to play.


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