Thursday, July 24, 2008

Scare Games

My husband and I have this ongoing game that we play. The only thing is neither of us every say when, where, or what the rules are. Basically it’s the unexpected “got you” with a good scare kind of game. He is really good at it, because he is already a soft walker, so when trying to be quiet he beats me on this one. I always burst out laughing, which gives me a way most times before I ever get a chance to scare him.

Last night I was watching a Life Time movie in bed. He was fiddling down in the garage fixing something. At one point I went to him and said there is a stranger in our garage using his tools. LOL. He does not pride himself on being handy, but tonight he was trying. So I went back up to watch a somewhat eerie movie. As I lay there, the piano music got louder, the movie more intense and then I look up. My husband already stands about 6’4, so wearing a Star Wars Storm Trooper mask made him look larger than life, and he did indeed give me a good scare. I was way too tired to get him back, but then I knew I had to.

So, he’s back out in the garage, and I found a loud toy, which I tossed into the quiet of him working, past the tike’s castle and into some boxes. I did not even let out with a breath of air. He did not see me coming. Boy did I give him a good scare. I was laughing so hard I almost snorted. So in his cleverness, when I went back upstairs, checked on all the boys, he stuck into our bedroom, which has an office attached to it and hid in there. We are talking about a man in his 50’s and his wife trailing in her 40’s. Are we acting like ten year olds or what? He did get me again. By the way, all of my attempts to scare him would happen in the two minute commercial time of the movie.

If you need something in your love life to liven things up, I would not suggest this kind of game unless I put on a little surprise during the attempts at scaring. Hmmmm I may have to try that sometime. Perhaps I may try this when Emily goes off to college. I am sure she would not be amused to find her mother curled in a corner in the fetal position in some skimpy nighty. LOL

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  1. You two just crack me up. What fun!

    I am going to think really hard about trying this at home. My husband is so competetive, I'm afraid that he may pull a scare that will put me in counseling.

    Joanne :O)


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