Monday, March 17, 2008

Still needed here on earth...My Miracle for Monday

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Almost five years to the day God spared my life. Here is my story.

It had been a very busy week. One which left me with early mornings and late nights. I value my sleep. Anyone who knows me knows that I can not function without my 8-10 hours of sleep. I rarely get to see an entire movies, as the minute I curl up on sofa I am out cold. I have always felt that I could handle all of life's everyday stuff, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as long as I was well rested.

My friend Jani and I had planned a girl's night out on Saturday. I tried in my most polite way to get out of it. I phoned her and said if she wanted to change the date I was open to it. She was in finals and I was hopeful she would jump at the opportunity. Instead she said this was going to be highlight of her week. I told David I would take his car. I didn't feel like driving a big bulky suburban downtown. He said the weather is really stormy and wet and convinced to take my own car.

This was also a personal special evening for me. I had jumped out of the shower and began my weekly trying on of clothes that were prepregnancy. Ethan was about eleven months old and I was anxious to fit into some of my nicer "downtown" like clothes. I quicly pulled on my savy ralph lauren black pants and oh did they ever fit. I was so excited ran downstairs to show my husband that this is the official day of me back into my prego clothes. He told me I was going to be late, so I grabbed my purse and ran out the door.

Jani and I had a wonderful dinner, visit and ended up at her house for a night of chatting away. She is one of my dear friends and with work and kids we often found it hard to get together. It was a little after midnight and I finally had to go. I was exhausted. Different than just feeling sleepy. When I started my twenty minute drive towards home, I could see the lines in the road blurring. I decided that food is a good rememdy for sleepy driving. I stopped at Taco bell and got a cup of ice and a taco. I was two miles from home and the next light was a left turn up the hill towards me house. I decided I would stop at the Albertsons and call David to come and get me. I just could not stay focused or keep my eyes open. My left turn light green so I opted to turn and get home as fast as I could. A quarter mile into the turn the lights went out. I don't recall falling asleep. A witness said the car went from about 25 miles per hour to about sixty. I drove my suburban straight into a tree.

I woke up to airbags and big loud, what sounded like a bomb going off. I had no idea what had just happenned. All I recall is that in the movies cars blow up and I grabbed my phone, purse, jumped out of the car and ran across the street. I went and sat on this little hill and called David. I told him that I thought I was in an accident. He went and woke Emily to tell her that he had to run out. Everyone was home sleeping.

There was a pedestrian who witnessed the accident and call in a drunk driver. The ambulence and fire trucks were there within minutes. I kept hearing people yelling..."where is the body" "where is the body". I was sitting across the street on a hill. I saw David's car show up and told him to take me home. The police, fire fighters and paramedics looked at me and said "you did not just come from that". I had hit the tree with such impact I had accordianed my suburban. Glass and windows busted out. I never walked over to see it, but was told this. The police cleared me of NOT being a drunk driver.

The paramedics were checking me out and it was determined I was in shock. I was crying and just asking that David take me home. My right leg was swelling up inside my pants and with the seriousness of the accident they determined I had internal injuries. My arms and neck were already swelling up. I just continued to say I was okay and to let me go home. I don't know why, but I did not want to get in the ambulance. David assured me that I was fine, and he would follow in his car. I was put on a stretcher and we whirled off. Inside the ambulance I was asked lots of questions. They then explained that they would have to cut my pants off because of the swelling. This was the precise moment I was out of shock. I begged them not to cut my pants off. Not only were these my fancy pants, but in the hurry of running out the door to dinner I forgot to put underwear on. Of course I did not tell them that. I just begged to not cut them off, and that my husband would help me. They did not argue with me.

After a series of x-rays. I was cleared to go home. I was just a little bruised. Even my leg was fine. Just a nice hardy bruise. We were in emergency for all of four hours.

The next day David and I went to the lot where the car had been towed, to recover our belongings. When we showed the person who towed our car asked if the driver had made it. I said I was the driver. He looked at me. He then said there is no way you could have possibly survived that crash. We walked through the car lot and then I saw the suburban. Even now I am crying as I write this. The car, this big huge suburban was totalled. I started crying uncontrolable. I realized in that moment of looking at that vehicle that my life had been spared. God was not done with me and I am to make every single day count.

I count this as a complete miracle in my life. I was told that if the car had it a little to the left or a little to the right, with the speed I was going I would have not only hit with hard impact but the car would have whipped around killing me for sure. Instead in the of the front of the car is where I hit. I kept the license plate which is bent in half right in the center.

Everytime I drive past that tree I whisper a prayer of thanks and have been whispering that pray for five years now.

Dear Father,
Thank you for sparing my life. I know it's only you who could have kept me from harm. Amen
blessings, elizabeth


  1. Praise God for the precious miracle of your life dear one.

  2. How AMAZING is THAT??? Wow, is our GOD AWESOME or what?

  3. E, I've posted some very serious prayer requests to my blog...please pray :o) Thank you!!!

  4. Wow! Another truly amazing miracle! God really has plans for you.

    I think it is wonderful that you say a prayer of thanksgiving every time you pass that tree. I also think it is wonderful that you are making every day count!

    Thanks for participating in Miracle Monday!

    A Mom's Life

  5. What a great story again. What a miracle. Truly amazing.

    Not to make light, but maybe to give you a little giggle in the midst of a trial you experienced (in our own hardships, we believe in lots of laughter to outweigh the tears) I guess this gives some credibility to the old expression, "didn't your mother tell you to leave the house with clean underwear. You never know what might happen."


  6. What a story. I am glad that you survived. Do you have pictures of your suburban?

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  7. Keep trying to post those pictures Elizabeth! :-)

  8. What an amazing story of the goodness of God.

  9. I Thank God For His hand of protection on you Elizabeth. I thank Him for you & allowing our livfe paths to cross.

    GOD BLESS....

  10. That is an amazing story! What a blessing!

  11. WOW! I have worked for emergency services most of my adult life. I can tell you that this is absolutely a miracle. I have often wondered if when we get to Heaven, God will allow us to see His hand at work, protecting us during those moments when we know it was Him.

    Elizabeth, I am praising God with you!

    Blessings, Joanne

  12. This post definitely brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am going to show this to my daughter the 17 year old missionary. She will really like this miracle. Boy the angels were really working hard for God that night. Thank God he spared your life and thank God for his angels who surrounded you. They sure are better than airbags!

  13. Wow! Amazing story.. you still have a purpose here I am guessing and that is why you didn't leave Earth that day :-)

  14. This was another amazing story.... what a great testimony you have!

  15. What a blessing that you are here with us today! Love this story and the power of God it shows.

  16. WOW! That really is an amazing story and definitely a miracle to be thankful of.

  17. Elizabeth, this story was great and I have to admit that I laughed out loud at the no panties part - I did not see that coming!! That would have brought me out of my shock too!! LOL!

    Praise God you were spared! All for his glory!

  18. I had something similar happen to me. I also believe I was spared. My car went of the road hit a corner fence post that was made out of an old telephone pole and my car flipped three times before landing on its top. I crawled out of the car and didn't have a scratch on me. When I looked at where the fence post hit the car, it was 5 inches from my head and indented the car about a foot. I felt God surround me that day, while the car was flipping. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. :)


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