Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love a great deal......

This past week we have been relocating and shifting people, bedrooms, and cleaning.

Emily, being the only girl has had the prime location and bedroom. She has understood the need to move her downstairs and Ethan upstairs. Ethan's room never gets used as he does not want to be separated from the entire family. His need for this room a year ago was important in that without his Cochlear Implant devices he is completely deaf. Being downstairs meant he was closer to us when he went to bed and he was not scared. That developmental stage has come and gone Ethan and Eric have been sharing Eric's room. Which means it takes them forever to settle down to sleep and they wake each other up. It's actually funny to hear thier conversations because Ethan is deaf and Eric talks to him and Ethan is talking away and most times they are on two different topics. So the big flipping of rooms was done in the last two days.

Have you ever tried to make a major move within in your home with kids everywhere? I have shifted them all over the house. Giving them mountains to scale, furniture to sit on as it sat in limbo waiting to be relocated. What fun they had. And they were all given dust clothes to help. It felt like I had twenty kids the last couple of days. Whew!!!

Now everyone is cozy and moved into the new rooms. I spent all day decorating Emily's room while she was in school. She does not do well with clutter, so having her room together put a terrific and appreciative smile on her face. Ethan can't get over his OWN room upstairs. A big queensize bed and his new blankets which brings me to the title of this blog. Ethan and I looked online for about an hour at bedding. I spent a lot of time looking on ebay and craigslist. I really did not want to spend a lot of money on his room. I was a kidsroom designer for over 15 years. I can't just skimp, throw some blankets on and call it good. It has to be special and something he helps put together. I got an idea of what he wanted. David and I shopped last night and almost settled, but it was not a WOW kind of look. And then today. Ross' Dress for Less had the most adorable 3piece twin sheet set for only $9.99. I need a queen, but I could use the pillowcases to build off of, as the print was PERFECTLY what he wanted. Then the comforter in the size I needed. A Tommy Hilfilger stripe that had all the colors in the print. I realized that I could take the two twin fitted sheets and cut and sew it into a queensize fitted, and then piece the two top sheets to make a duster. And guess how much it all came to together......$66.00. Two twin sheet sets, one comforter set which had to shams in it. I am just so excited and it looks so cute on Ethan's bed. I am going to wash it all, do some sewing this weekend and then put up the picture.

My husband could not believe how little I spent. He asked me several much? He then asked me what made me think of this store, because I NEVER have much luck at discount type stores, so typically stay away. I think it was a God moment.

I was on my way to grocery shop. I was thinking how Ethan is so excited about his room and I wish I could find something. I just sat at a long long light and then said "you know Lord, I know you give us the desires of our hearts, but it's not my desire it's Ethan's. Please help me find something today". An hour later I had his stuff in my car. Everyone is sleeping and everyone is happy. I know it's just stuff, but stuff is fun. blessings.


  1. That is great! I need your kid designer expertise to come help me with my kids' rooms.... especially when we move because most likely the boys will be bunking together and I want a "WOW" look to their room!

  2. That's awesome! Can't wait to see it.

  3. I can't wait to see the pictures.

    Yes I have experienced the room change. Mostly we experience housing changes being in the military, but occasionally its the room change.

    Years ago in Germany when my older daughter was 15 and my son was 13 they decided they wanted to bunk together, They were very close. Besides the 15 year old was sick of sharing a room with a 5 year old and the 13 year old was sick of sharing a room with the 3 year old. We swapped the room and the next day my 13 year old said I don't want to live with her because she is a slob and her feet stink. He didn't want to tell her this so I did and that day we swapped back. So yes I have had this experience. I am now very reluctant to ever try this again so I am glad to hear your room swap went so smoothly.

  4. Great story of how much God cares for us even in the little things.

    Have a Happy Easter.

  5. Hope you have a Happy Easter especially now that you are settled in your new beds! Last summer we moved our girls out of the two basement bedrooms into our master bedroom upstairs to bunk together. We moved down to the basement in a pretty small bedroom and had to do some creative furniture arranging. My middle daughter has asthma and was so sick last winter (pneumonia and bronchitis the whole season) so we moved her up and replaced carpet with wood floors, replaced the furnace,and her bed/pillows. She has hardly had even a cold this year and I am thinking it was all worth it. So I know the mess of trying to arrange many rooms at once. Oof!

  6. What a great story! To God be the glory!

  7. Wow- great job surviving the "move" and finding a great deal! :) Looking forward to seeing photos!
    Happy Easter,
    Michele :)

  8. It sounds like you've done a wonderful job and everyone is happy.

    I'm really looking forward to the day that I manage to night wean Aaron and move him into his own room. I'd love to decorate it ..... don't know how yet but I know I'll love doing it.


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