Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Words in the margins

This morning I was having a quiet time with Jesus.  I sat in bed thinking what could possibly come of this sick house and the this past week. I was not sure really where to open my Bible. I was too tired to get my journal and use my last devotional as a spring board so I just decided to read the Proverbs for the day which has been a habit of mine since my early teens.

I have read the Proverbs so many times that I think I can say them all by memory. Or often if a profound statement from my mouth is recognized I can say that it's God's word speaking through me, as I typically don't come up with this stuff on my own.

This past Christmas my oldest son was challenged in his spirit as to what the Bible has to say about being a man, wise in God's eyes, not by the world's standards. I tend to not be the kind of mom to offer great words of "help" at the front end of deep subjects. I like to ask questions, challenge my kids to think and allow God to bring their hearts into a great understanding of Him. Then when they have wrestled long and hard, seeking what is truth, we all come together and share how God has taught us. I send my kids to the Bible often as I find that is where the truth is. Elliot and I never finished that conversation with a long dialogue as I had expected.. Instead he said "mom the Bible is our greatest teacher and you have taught me well". I saw a peace in his heart and a renewed passion for seeking out the wisdom of being a Godly young man.

Fast forwarding back to my quiet time this morning I flip open my Bible to the Proverbs and notice all these notes in the margins around Proverbs 21:
"The one your mom told you about"
"How to be wise"
Followed by many underlined verses. Wow!!!! My son wrote so much more in these margins, but what touched my heart was to read that he has heard the words of God shared to him over the years and in reading this passage noted that this is what his mom was talking about.

Our children hear us. Pouring the scripture into their ears must be an ongoing process. Those of you who read this who are moms must know the importance of speaking Biblical truths into those young hearts. It's those words in the margins that grow my mommy' heart. I love that for my kids, it's not a parental authority or challenge of any sort. Not this....oh mom is right....but more an understanding that mom is sharing from the depth of scripture. A grand mommy moment. As my kids are becoming young adults I am more challenged to reference God's word on every account of who we are to be in this world. Today, in all my sickness I am a blessed woman.


  1. I love this post. It actually brings tears to my eyes. We are having difficulties with my oldest (she's 9) and I keep thinking I have to keep turning to the word for wisdom and direction. This made me realize how important it is to teach her to do this also. What a blessing your words have been to me today. Thanks.
    (i'm an old friend of Beloved Mama's and I found your site from hers) Your kids are adorable!

  2. Wow! Your son actually made a note about what you shared with him? There is hope for me, too, then!

  3. Get Well, Get Well, Get Well!!!!!

  4. I hope it's o.k....I've adopted your phrase "sillies"...because I love it!!!


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