Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And the sickies continue

Last Thursday evening I started feeling achy. On the previous Tuesday I had run a few miles on a treadmill and my body is not in the best shape for hardcore tread-milling, so I assumed it was the after aches of working out. Friday morning I decided to stretch and do part of a work out video to loosen up my aching muscles. By noon I was running a high fever, and by mid afternoon it was pretty clear I was one sick gal.  Being home with three boys and a flu had me sicker than a sick dog. Which was a huge bummer because my son was back from Florida for the weekend and we had some fun plans in store.

By late Friday, Eric started running a high fever and well it turns out that all the little boys and I have been sick now since last Friday. It has created some new tensions around our home. The boys are so easy. Three little boys, all normally with boundless energy are happy to sit on the sofa and watch movies, which is unheard of from my boys. Their lack of energy does make it a little easier. Actually ALOT easier.  They have a new interest in all the videos that were Elliot and Emily's favorites about ten years ago.

I am missing my friends, play-dates,  and my brain having a complete and clear thought. I miss enjoying my morning coffee, my quiet times in the Word, and I really missed out on running around with Elliot this last weekend. He will not be home until May. Our family has been challenged in the past five days. Never in the history of me being a mom have I been sick along with the rest of the family. I am the one who never gets sick and cares for the sick.And my "never" really means only every few years. Long enough times in-between being sick that I do not remember.

So after this experience, if I am ever this sick, for this long again I am  hiring a full time nanny. I am no longer running a fever. I feel very week, and I am certain if I stepped on the scale I have lost a few pounds. This cough is terrible and I have a feeling it will be one of those that lingers.

Battle of who is sicker: I had all three boys in my "super-bath". I figured it would take up an hour of time for them to be contained in one area, they love baths, and it would be give me a break. I sat in a chair supervising the boys when I felt like I was going to pass out. I called for my husband and said he had to come quickly, he calls back and says he is sick too and "there are two minutes left in the game". Words that he will soon wish he never spoke out loud. I mean I have been home sick with three boys for a week and he leaves to go watch a game.  Later I had to laugh and ask him if he regretted saying those words and he was.

So this is my long blog about being sick. It's a big bummer and up until this week Ethan had perfect attendance at school. Please pray for recovery in our family. Blessings..cough..sniffle...sigh.....

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  1. You poor, poor woman! I will be praying for you and your family. I'll make note of the "who is sicker" parent... what a funny idea! But it is so true! We run into situations in our marriage and we truly need to know who has the higher fever or who has the greater passion or desire about a certain area... so that we can gauge our response. Sometimes we think my spouse should just know what my temperature is.. but really, sometimes we just need to show them what our temperature really is!


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