Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Daze

Eric takes me on a hike to a little frozen creek.
 Every mom needs a few good snow days. A time to put the agenda's aside, and be joyful that the snow pants from last year still fit.   I sure have had quite a few of these days. To the point that it feels more like "Snow Daze." I shared with my husband that I am feeling quite accomplished being able to keep up with the three boys.  They are sturdy and are adventure seeking boys. Calling on me to take hikes in over a foot of snow.  One trip that required David to leave work and come and get us. It was a very steep trek to the top and when the 9 years old is tired, you know dear old mom is pooped.
Brothers just hanging out in the snow.
Time to close up shop ( as in the home office) and get out and play.  I stayed up until 2:00am one evening getting all my work accomplished knowing the next day was not just three boys home but the the neighbor boy, too. Snow daze requires some sleeping in, too.   I knew there would be a lot of in, out, coat zipping, boots on and off, and then drying as needed.
Ethan practices snowboarding down the hill.
Just outside our front door we have a big hill that feeds into a feild.  We have plenty of sleds for our kids and the neighbor kids. One afternoon, while taking a break for hot chocolate and lunch, some teenagers came to the hill and started sledding with our sleds.  My boys were great. Yelling down, "you can use our sleds as long as you want." When it's a snow day everyone is outside playing.
This climb is just out our backyard.
I am very thankful for having a job that allows me to be at home.  I am not sure how working families work out these snow days.  My boys understand when I have a phone call or an online meeting.  I save all the electronics for those times and divide them out.  They  love electronics on a snow day.
These faces, a mother loves.
Did I mention baking. We gathered ingredients from the cupboards and together made this yummy mixture of goodness.  It did not look so pretty, but any time you mix chocolate, peanut-butter, m&m's and marshmallows, you know it's going to taste good.

As the days have continued, the melting begins, followed by icy roads and as of this post, I still have the boys home, the neighbor kid over and the kids now asking for cookie dough sandwiches for  lunch.  I decided to make them pb&j's and the promise of turning the extra dough into yummy bars.  Enjoy this time when the kids are home. It gets hard for many as a few days turn into many.  Create memories for your kids and have fun.

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