Sunday, August 11, 2013

Praising God for the Walk up the Hill

I seriously just spent the last hour writing a blog about how stressed out I am with moving.  I deleted it.  I just hovered over the entire thing and deleted.

God has been very good to our family.  David went 14 months without a job.  We knew this time was coming and were able to prepare for it. He took time away from looking to assist me with my business and help with homeschooling our boys.  We did not lose anything in this time. When the economy is weak, we did not have to compromise anything.  We just tightened up and my work got busier and with David' help I could take on more work.

How can I write a blog stressing over the next few weeks. David, now has a job in a community we have wanted to move to. Four years ago David worked on a project at this new establishment and said, "someday I would love to work there."  His "someday" has come.  Emily decorated the kitchen and made David a cake to congratulate him. We are all very excited and again feeling deeply blessed.
There is always a stress in the middle of a mess, when packing, garage sells, etc.  Tonight I erased that blog post because I was complaining about all that has to be done in a short amount of time.  Instead I am shifting my gears mid way up the hill.  Kind of like facing a hill and realizing that peddling is to hard, instead I will just hop off and walk up that hill.  Praising and thanking God for this walk up a hill.

We made an offer on a home I just love. Even now, this late hour, surrounded by a crazy mess of boxes I can say, "oh well" if our offer is not accepted.  I am still capable of pushing that bike up a hill. However this is a picture of the side yard. Praying this is where my boys will be playing in the weeks to come. In the words of Ethan, "Dear God we pray for this house, but if we don't get it you have something better for us.
There is peace now in my soul. No longer feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  God truly know how to step into my soul and help me see the blessing in this next season of messy.

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  1. Love you! So great to be encouraged. And that sometimes we need to be directed away from our messy to see the blessing in it! :)


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