Monday, February 6, 2012

A Tie in a Tree

 Does a picture really paint a thousand words such as a Tie in a Tree?
Where did they go?   A beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. A beautiful day for a wedding.  Emily called and asked if Ethan could be her date at a wedding we were attending.  I thought this wedding would be a good first wedding for Ethan to see and attend.  Emily did his hair, chose his clothes and even his tie. Teaching her younger brother how to honor a wedding, with fancy clothes.  Ethan was game.  He went along.  That is until he realized that it was a sitting affair. He leaned over and asked if he could go climb trees during the wedding.  I said no. He then asked if he could take off his tie. I said no, not until your climbing a tree.  His sister help pass the time with some silly face making.
  He got a little wiggly.  The wedding was over and then they disappeared. Before I spotted Ethan, I saw his tie hanging from a  tree.  I then looked up and saw him.  His sweet big sister took him to go climb a tree.  He was not so fond of attending a wedding, sitting still, knowing the sun was shining and a tree was waiting for him.

 This young man thinking about life, in the sunshine up in a tree.  It's good to be a boy without a tie on and in a tree.

We made a stop at Guitar Center.
Ethan looking all music dude-ish that I had to snap it. He would now like this picture made into a poster for his room. I shall comply.  I have slowed down my picture taking in the past few months.  It's hard to know what to do with them all and I am not one who gets much satisfaction out of managing, organizing and making special books of pictures. I am saving all that for when I am an old lady in a rocking chair.  So these snippets are more memorable to me.

It's a sunny Monday.  The weekend is over and as I see God's hand working in and around my life. I pause to look at life in these two sillies of mine and thank God that there is light in this world and in the hearts of my children. As this week starts off I am reminded of this verse:
Proverbs 16:9
"A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."
Perhaps your week is starting out with ponderings of life from a tree. Maybe you are uncomfortable and have to take your tie off and just hang things up for a while.  Perhaps you just need to lighten up and make silly faces, or grab a guitar and make some music.  God promises to direct your steps.  As you make your plans this week, keep God in those plans and truly as His word promises He will direct your steps.  Blessings and Love, Elizabeth

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