Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Confidences Do You Have?

He does show up every single day.  No matter where I am, what I am doing He is here.  Do you see Him?  He whispers sweet things into my ears, and as I sit in the quiet I hear Him?  Do you hear Him?  His words dance off the pages. My eyes pause on this one line..."For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6.

Today, this morning, just one verse and my heart leaps. I pause, stop reading and ponder.  He wants to perfect me, and everyday He shows me what that perfection in Him looks like. So different than how the world would want Elizabeth to be.  It's our code of ethics. Me and God.  God speaking little pieces of perfection of Him and me waking up each day to learn His ways, hear His voice, and see His perfection to give me that continued confidence in Him.

When I feel less confident, I realize that I am placing myself into the hands of this world, rather into His hands.  When He is holding my hands I can face each beautiful day He gives. I can smile, and love on those who come into my space.  My intellect asking myself sometimes..."who am I, where did that smile come from?"  My heart knowing that God, is giving me more, inside to share on the outside.

Prayerfully in each day I ask God to show me what next, that next moment, that next thought and He shows me so much peace and beauty.  Beauty in little boys with dirty chocolate faces.  Beauty in a long drive.  Beauty in that the gas station attendant and praying that his moment of pumping my gas gave him a glimpse of God's love through my smile.  It's that kind of confidence in knowing Him I want everyday and trust through His presence in my life.  He began that good work in me, and I want to allow Him to perfect it.  Listening, seeking, doing, and loving Him with confidence and obedience.

He asked me ..."mama can you keep brushing my hair because you make it look so nice."  I wonder sometimes, as I do my motherly things..."is this what you are perfecting in me God?  Hair-brushing?  As I stand brushing his blond hair as he eats his breakfast, he tells me this.."mommy God has made you a very good hairbrusher mama."  He's only five, what does he know?. Perhaps it took the fifth kid to perfect this morning routine of hair brushing, but it's a very bold reminder to my heart that in ALL things God is perfecting me. Giving me precious times to chit chat while brushing a little silly's lovely hair.  What is God perfecting in you today?  What confidences do you have in Him who is perfecting you every single day?

It is such an honor to know that I am worth His time to perfect.

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  1. What wonderful words to read this morning Elizabeth. I am working on this and am so glad to have such an awesome woman to look to and understand just a little more. May the Lord continue to fill your heart with words that encourage the rest of us as well. Much love to you. Steffi


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