Thursday, November 3, 2011

Whoa New Website

I had no idea the time involved in setting up a website. I know my brain is there, but it there is a whole new meaning to the word noodle-brain. I certainly feel like one.  I think sometimes we get a new service and once all set up, there is never a new reason to look elsewhere.  Plans and services are changing at a rapid rate and I don't have time to keep up.

For years those who have worked with me on business projects scratch their heads and ask me why I don't have an official website. My answer is always the same.  I am the kind of person who typically gets my work by referrals. Both as a Business Consultant & Interior Designer.  I have had the blessing and not having to pause and decide how the best way to market myself would be. So, never really saw the need for a website. I have enjoyed this blog site. I do feel  God pressing on my heart to speak boldly on matters that are important to me and for that reason have had this sight now for three years.

A well intended cousin spoke boldly of my need for a website.  The truth is I have met with web builders and designers and I am just cheap. Plain and Simple. C.H.E.A.P.    I tried once for another project I was working on and really was not to excited to be hanging out in a coffee shop, for hours, with a web guy and my laptop. It felt very invasive.  A dental office is more inviting than that.  After haggling back and forth with my cousin, and dragging my feet for years I realized that my website needs are very simple. Information offerings so to speak.  Connecting with like minded people across the internet and hopefully inspiring and encouraging people.

My brain truly feels like a noodle. Even the simple is complex when it comes to connecting all the dots and untangling the verbiage of how these sights speak information.  Remember I am no techy, nor does my mind care to be, but the past 48 hours I committed to learning.  The sight is simple and covers the bases of what I love in business.  I am appreciative of the time my cuz spent in helping me. Even today on the phone, with my sight open and telling me step by step how to achieve the look I want.

Go and visit often. But don't leave me hear. This is still my voice for every embracing God.  New sight:
...are you's very original.
Now how is that for originality.  Visit and check in often.

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