Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This and That

This for that.  Words are fun.  Fun to play with, use in different ways and often bring meaning to the surface in profound ways.  I recently asked a dear friend to pray for "this".  I actually wrote that word, "this". I told her I could not go into the details, that God knows the details and she is a praying kind of gal, so I knew she would pray for "this". She emailed me back and assured me she would pray for "this".

Sitting at coffee this morning with a sweetheart of a gal we started talking about the process's in which God takes us on.  We think that we are be prepared for "that", but in the process for "that" we have to do "this".  In our conversation I told here that I would be blogging on "this" and "that". So here I am.

Last May the carpet was rolled out, the perfect house found, the bank called, the real estate agent set up, the viewing of the home scheduled.  This was going to be a big move for the Traubs and David and I were on the phone every single day talking about all the logistics. Exciting that God would have "this" for us.  A friend invited me out to Camas, WA where this great move would take place.  She spent the morning with me showing me all the character of this charming community and I fell in love.  I loved the little two blocks of a little shopping.  The corner cafe and the rolling hills and homes.  We were excited and giddy to think we would live so close to each other.  She loves her part of the world and David and I were convince "this" was going to happen.  The perfect Traub house.  Within a few days the realities of the real estate market had come back to us.  "This" was not going to happen. But my heart started praying that somehow Camas would be part of my life.  "This" was last May.  Two months later God introduced me to 12 of the most precious girls. All from ....guess where?  Camas, WA.  "This" was for "that".  "That" is what God was working out in me.  Who would have or could have ever known I would be working in Young Life with young girls from the one places in the NW I fell in love with. "That" was His plan all along. I am not sure I would have committed to a place 40 minutes away that I had no clue about.  Working "this" into my life so He could show me "that".

Now there is another "this" in my life.  I am not sure about "this" and yet today I cry as I explain to Emily that I am certain that "this" is about "that" and God always has a better "that" than "this" for me.  I sat here in my home this afternoon and tears rolling down my cheeks thanking God for "this".  "This" was really hard the past few weeks. Really challenging and pulling me into places I had not visited for a very long time.  "This" was something about overcoming, and realizing that He is ultimately so all about the "this" and "that" of every part of my life and I take comfort in knowing "this".

Does any of "this" make sense?  So blessed today, having coffee in the Pearl and learning about all the "this" and "thats" of life.


  1. As I read this on this beautiful morning, just had to tell you Elizabeth that it all made perfect sense! It must be that whole woman multi-tasking thing. May the Lord continue to take you on your wonderful "this" and "that" journeys. Much love to you always. Steffi

  2. Don't know about your this-es or your thats. But I know that God knows. And that is all I need to know.


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