Monday, September 26, 2011

Who Am I?

I am sitting next to a pile of 12 towels. I have just folded 18 pairs of socks and nine stranglers with no mate.  The dog is barking at the birds and I am sitting in my quiet house.  I was on my way to Costco when my husband called and I totally forgot I was going to Costco and ended up back at home.  Finishing the laundry and then taking a moment to figure out some computer stuff.

I have already assembled three boys out the door, walked an hour and 15 minutes with a friend, had a coffee with her and now only two hours until time to pick up the boys. I sure misread what my fall might look like. 

God has blessed me these past few weeks in so many ways.  I try to journal all the things, the little things, the things that are between God and me and I realize that somehow with all the kids now in school a fast button has been pushed. Those days I had planned of staying in bed all day, and setting the alarm just moments before picking kids up from school have yet to happen.  Those days of sitting and watching TV for hours, nope that has not happened either.  I am enjoying connecting with friends, and taking care of myself first.  That was one of my priorities.  Go and walk 2-4 times a week. Bring a friend along and enjoy yourself. And I have and I am walking and even showed up at this morning's walk with hair and make up done. Whoa! Who am I?

Who am I? Just a mom enjoying life one day at a time.  Working on the simple things like seeing how tall the stack of towels will go before it all tips over.  For me, with little hands always helping they never made it past three tall before a little boy was taking a dive into the neatly folded, and still warm towels.  I have not quite found my groove for each day, and I am not so good at planning things out because I have not had to have had really concrete plans.  So for now, today a Monday. Working on some work related projects, now computer on my lap I just smile. Breath in the quiet times I can have and ponder once again all that God gives me, all of life to enjoy.  Thanks Lord Jesus for how you truly bless this house, the stacked towels, the coffee times and walking dates. I know who I am. I am your daughter in whom I pray ever day, that you are well pleased.

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  1. I am sitting in a quiet home right now as well Elizabeth. Well, as quiet as it can get with the laundry going and the sound of computer keys clicking away. You day sounds wonderful and I am so glad you are here to share it with us. May each day this fall find you feeling so blessed. Much love to you always. Steffi


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