Friday, April 8, 2011

His Life is the Light

"His life is the light that shines through the darkness and the darkness can not extinguish it."  
John 1:5

Is there a darkness in your life today? Something that is lingering and trying to rob you of your joy?  Look at this verse closely.  There is a promise "the darkness can not extinguish it." God's light and life will always shine brighter, stronger and fill you when darkness tries to step in.  Purge darkness from your life today and make more room for the light.


  1. I was just reading and sitting a spell right in this very verse yesterday, Elizabeth. My Name of God from Night in Prayer was "Light of the World". Everywhere I look His light shines out ever brighter because of it. I, too, was blown away by this truth~darkness can never extinguish the darkness! And there's a lot of darkness in this world. This is Real Hope! Thank you for being the exclamation point on the Spirit's words to me.

  2. Becky this past week so much heaviness, darkness, trying to break into the light, and then I read this and am so blessed to know that darkness just can't penetrate that Real Hope, and we can truly smile the face of Jesus. elizabeth


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