Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crazy Mom Allowed

Crazy Mom Allowed

I wrote a blog about E.X.E.R.C.I.S.E.  It was not so painful to write really. Just owning and acknowledging publicly how I struggle.  Here I am ready and rearing to go on doing what I can, a little at a time to get myself into better health.  I remember that weeks after Emily was born I marked out a three mile run. I told myself that I would finish the three miles regardless of how much I ran or walked. Just finish and build up a little at a time.  I was able to hit the pavement 3-4 times a week and within a month could do the entire run.  Within three months I had worked up to five miles.  Five miles then turned into a 3,5,10,5-mile routine which worked well for me. I was able to run in  few half marathons too.  I loved those times of just running and praying the entire time.  My friends always thought I was weird in that I ran these long distances without any music. I loved connecting with God, and loved how fit my body was.

This weekend I decided on 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Gathering the boys and putting them in front of the TV to watch a show while I was right there starting my run.  Pretty soon, one is teasing the dog, the other is touching the other, one took a toy, the other moved a pillow the wrong way and crazy began.  I am dying on this machine all the while trying to keep my boys in order.  It was not long until I had to raise my voice above the sound the treadmill and the TV to get my point across that the choice is to sit on your beds for the remainder of the time or sit without disturbing each other. Finally I switched it to Sponge Bob and a hush came over the crowd.

I was able to complete the 30 minutes.  Five minutes of running and about ten minutes of fast walking, but the reality is that I had to get a little CRAZY with my boys just to have this time.  So just for the record Crazy Mom Allowed. I told the boys later that this is my time and we all need to find a cozy 30 minutes to chill.

It’s is a challenge, this is true.  And I don’t plan on being crazy over getting this time on the treadmill, but the first day we all had the crazies and I did it.  I may have to invest in a music machine of sorts. I do still have my walkman, in perfect condition from many years past, and some tapes too. Maybe I can get Emily to let me borrow her old MP3 player or her Ipod.  Treadmill running is not as organic as being outdoors. At this point I think I would be really CRAZY if I had to tow three boys with me.

I am hoping that I can get to 30 minutes daily on a treadmill running, and then as the weather warms up hit the pavement on a regular basis.  It’s just been the first weekend and I don’t plan on making this blog about my healthier journey, but sometimes you got get the crazy out to start what you must do.  Praying that this week allows less crazy and more running during that thirty minutes committed to physically moving. Love and Blessings, Elizabeth


  1. good job Elizabeth. I know this sounds exhausting, but what about letting them ride their bikes and you keep up with them? That way they get some energy release and you're outside?

  2. Sponge Bob has that effect on my kids as well! Girl, I've put on 30 lbs since starting my chemo. A year ago, I was running 3 miles 4 days a week. Now, I can barely walk it. The lbs aren't moving away anytime soon, but I am beginning to see a few take a hike. Perhaps in a few months I'll be half-way there. Small changes are the beginning of big ones, so take it easy on yourself. You're not alone. We can do this thing!



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