Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Crucifixation

Yesterday I walked in on the boys playing “crucifixion” as they called it.  Here was the scene.

Emerson is lying on the floor curled up in a ball playing Jesus.  Ethan has a scarf and tells me that he is whipping Jesus.  Eric kicks Emerson and pretends to spit on Emerson who, again, is Jesus.  Ethan than says we must put him on the cross now “it is time”.  Eric says that he does not like being the soldier but proceeds to place Jesus (Emerson) on an imaginary cross.  Emerson lies on the floor with his arms spread out and together both boys are nailing him to the cross.

My first thought was to tell the boys that this is dishonorable to Jesus.  That this moment in His life was the most painful moment for both Jesus and God and to stop this kind of play. But I said nothing and watched from around the corner, not wanting to interfere.  After the boys finishing the nailing part of this, they both looked at each, and Eric asked, “now who are we?”  Ethan said we are the “sinners” who are next to Jesus.  Emerson asks the question “do I save you guys too?”  Together all three boys lay on the floor and discussed among themselves that Emerson (Jesus) was dying to save everyone.  Emerson, who is five goes on to say this, “after I die and take everyone’s sins, you have to carry me to the cave, and then go and hide in the living room, because I am going to wake up and surprise you.”  Ethan, who will soon be nine says, “This is why we are doing this mom, we want to remind each other that Jesus died and then God woke him up to surprise all of us with living again.”  Eric chimed in with, “and together all our sins are taken away, we just have to ask Jesus to save us.”(Eric twirls as he says this, and echo's his own voice 'save us' 'save us' 'save us'."

If I could have had a video camera rolling, oh how the world would clearly see, through the precious display of three boys, what Easter is all about.  If you know my boys well, you know that playing dress up is one of their favorite things to do. They love making up stories and building off each other’s imaginations.  Today my heart is so blessed to not step into this drama being played out.  Knowing and hearing them process that day on which Christ died on the cross.

Again this morning, Emily and I sitting in the living room, having coffee and chatting away, off in the distance, once again they are reenacting Jesus dying on the cross.  I still don’t have the video camera ready, but again as we listen in, we laugh, and then again my heart begins to weep, in knowing that these boys understand the pain and suffering, and the reason for Christ’s death on the cross.

Jesus did surprise us all with the resurrection. I loved hearing Emerson with his little lisp, that is slowly disappearing, when he said “surprise”.  Does this story still move you, and surprise you. Today as I write this I am blessed to know that Jesus still does surprise me, through the words, and drama of three precious little boys.

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  1. this is precious to me...thanks for sharing it...i just love how kids 'get it' sounds as if your boys really do, Praise be to God.....I read all of your Easter post....glad you a nice Easter (i totally relate to your germaphobe too ;) ) Blessings........


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