Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost Nine Years Later

When I share Ethan's story, there are tears that follow.  Even if I tell myself, don't let them spill Elizabeth, they do.  His report card is in and it's straight A's. His first book report written, another A and proudly displayed.  On Tuesday he wanted to wait in the car with Eddy while Eric was having some testing done.  Just a few steps away he waited.  I checked on him and he was reading his Bible to the dog.  He said Eddy was anxious and reading helped him calm down. 

A day does not go by when I pray over this young man. Perhaps more than any of my other children.  Before getting out of the car for school each morning praying that he understands, praying that he is bold enough to ask questions when he does not understand, and praying that he grasps the concepts of learning. I have been told that hearing with Cochlear Implants requires 100% active listening.  Not the kind of listening that you happen to pick up because you are in the room over hearing a conversation. His attention must be on the person speaking.  And there are times when he is unsure, so he watches the other kids to see where they have their attention.  His teacher loves him.  She loves on all the kids, but she understands Ethan, and his special way of learning.  She challenges him, because she knows he is smart enough to achieve to the next level.

God has this young man marked for some big things in his life.  Today he is preparing him.  This is Ethan's birthday month and again I reflect on his life and how God has shown himself to Ethan over and over again. Here is just one of the many stories   go and read and be blessed.

Prayer changes just about everything in my life.  Even with Ethan. Praying desperately to communicate with my deaf son and God shows up yet again. I know the challenges of a handicap child, the challenges and struggles to do what is best for your child.  There are so many choices and options. My only option was to pray  and plead with God that Ethan would not fall into a system, or limitations would be put on him because of being deaf.  Instead God has brought this young man to levels of learning, understanding and most importantly a personal relationship with Him.  His heart desiring to learn and know more.  

I could never know just what and how God would work in Ethan's world, but he has and continues to.  Mother's never stop praying over your children. Never limit your children to the "systems" of what the specialist offer. God is BIGGER than these systems.  These systems would have had Ethan in "special ed" limiting him to learning based on their experiences and handing out specific labels on his behaviors.  How many have ever really experienced the Divine Interventions of God, and God's plan for your child?  To some this may sound silly, but God has come into a the life of a young deaf boy, that even the specialists don't understand.  He has learned beyond the experience and expectations based on clinical studies and educational experiences.  This is why the tears come so easily when I write or speak of Ethan.  A deaf boy who hears in a way that allows God to use him.  Almost nine years later, I still pray harder over this young, strong willed, talkative, passionate about learning young man.

Yesterday he chose his next book to read.  "The Civil War".  I admit I cringed.  This book is in tiny print, double columned pages and about two inches thick and after reading the first 11 pages Ethan is asking 101 questions.  I am excited that he is excited. He is a terrific reader, but he still loves to sit under my reading and sad as I am to graduate from the smaller chapter-ed pictured books,  I am thrilled of his passions for learning and asking questions.  God shines on his life.  Happy Birthday Month Ethan.


  1. Love this Elizabeth...
    Your whole family is a testimony to God's hand and love.
    Ethan will always be a favorite of mine...

  2. Happy Birthday to Ethan! He certainly is a spectacular little boy.


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