Saturday, March 12, 2011

Her Story

Saturday mornings are my sleep in mornings. I am tremendously blessed with a husband who honors this one morning, since the day we have been married, for me to sleep in.  He will shuffle the boys downstairs, cook up a big breakfast, and even with bacon and pancakes lingering I will still find more sleep in my Saturday morning.

This morning I did not get to sleep in. Instead I got up with the boys and got dressed up. Not just my favorite jeans, and warm baby blue over-sized sweater. I went into my closet and put on my fancier duds.  Today was a morning to drive over the the church and hear "Her Story."  Each time I hear the heart of women open up I am moved to tears. Tears of joy  once again hearing how God is faithful.  So I grabbed a bunch of Kleenex and chose to skip the mascara and eyeliner. 

I got there a few minutes late and found a seat up front at "her" table.  She was a table leader and I know "her" well.  Another lovely gal came by to give me a hug and asked if I might join her table. I wanted to. I was not yet settled into this table,  and "she" who lead the table I sat at was not someone I was so comfortable around, but I stayed. Several months ago "she" and I  handled a situation as best as we could. I had to come away relenting my will in that situation. My husband said it was the best thing to do, and yet I wanted to fix it in a different way.  There was some financial loss in that situation. Each time I would see "her" at church  I told myself to always go up to her and give her hug. A silent way of saying things were okay.  I knew through the heart of God they were fine, but the heart of Elizabeth still wanted to be right.  So here I am at her table. Opposite ends of the table a very safe place.

The morning progressed into such a lovely intimate time with the ladies at my table.  I offered my stock of Kleenex across the table as a dear woman shared her story.  I quietly asked God to remove any uncomfortable feelings towards "her", and allow His love to pour through me in a way that she would know nothing but God's heart and love.  Stories were shared, hearts were connected and then "she" shared some very deep hurts in her life.  I asked our table if we could just stop and pray for "her" right now and we did. The prayers were powerful because in many ways her prayers were my own.  Restoring relationships.  Sometimes time allows that. Sometimes God puts us right where we need to be on a Saturday morning. Sometimes it never does happen.  Today it did happen.  I hugged "her" tighter than any other women I hugged today.  Because I wanted her to truly know that "we" are fine.  

Romans 14:19
"So then let us pursue the things which make for peace and building up one another."

Thank you Lord Jesus for showing me this passage in real time.  For the blessing of praying over "her" has her heart hurts.  Thank you for Danita sharing "Her Story" to all the ladies today. In so doing, giving us as women a better understanding, a tangible understanding of your continued faith in each of our lives.  Blessings and Joy, Elizabeth

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  1. So amazing when we stop and let God work. I am finally starting to figure this out and have been blessed by it. May you continue to open your heart to all of us Elizabeth.

    Much Love,



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