Monday, March 21, 2011

A Weekend Away

"If we were there with you, we would be in the picture."  Eric just looked over my shoulder as I was beginning this blog and made that statement.  This past weekend I celebrated an anniversary with David.   Many things this past weekend that blessed us.  It is rare for David and I to be just a couple, the two of us, and even more rare to have hours and hours of conversation.  A testament to what good friends we are is that with our kids gone and just the two of us, we chatted all weekend long.  Enjoying the things we both love.  Like walking for hours on the beach.  Wandering in and out of shops and enjoying some fine dining together.

I admit my legs feel a bit weary.  Three days of hours and hours of walking along the beach.  The weather was perfect.  We got caught in the rain a few times, but our clothes kept us dry.  I come away from this weekend loving more the man I married.  Loving more the commitment we decided to hang onto, work through and embrace.   So refreshing and restful to spend an entire weekend with just my best friend.

David and I heard a really good message a few weeks ago.  The speaker speaks about God's heart on divorce.   If you have time to listen go there  click on "teachings" and then click on the March 6, 2011 teaching.  Near the end the pastor shares a bit of David's story. I realize that I share a lot of my story on this blog.  I see brokenness all around me, my life has had similar challenges and the only fixer of our souls, and hearts is a God who cares.  As I share the bits and pieces of my life, my prayer is that you will find healing and direction towards God for your happiness.

David is an amazing man.  I am so glad that we were able to share such a special weekend away together. So blessed that a family would take all three of our boys and how all the wonderful things this past weekend were God's way of orchestrating blessings in our lives.  As if to be saying..."David and Elizabeth, if you continue to seek Me first in this marriage I have great things in store for the two of you."

May God bless you and keep you in his tender care as you seek him.  elizabeth



  1. nice....
    So totally happy for the two of you and for the marriage God saved!

  2. Okay... I think I am going to cry. When I think how amazing God is... how He can take the broken pieces we give to Him and make them better than they ever were... I am blown away.

    Thank you, David & Elizabeth for sharing your story.

  3. Billy and I are headed to Gatlinburg in a couple of weeks. A friend has gifted us with her condo, and mom is watching the kids for 5 days! I'll be there for my birthday. I suppose i don't have to tell you what this will mean to us both...

    Lovely picture of grace, friend. Keep to it, both of you.



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