Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Emersquishy

Just a little excited that this little guy is having a birthday. I asked him what kind of birthday party he wants. He said the same one as last year. A pizza party at home with family and friends.  

Emerson is a our surprise baby. I thought I was going through early menopause, but God would have it that he complete a prayer I journal-ed when I was 18 years old.  A young girl dreaming of someday being a mother I asked for four boys and a girl. I was not planning on that, but it was just the fleeting dream that I ,in my young faith,  penned to Him. 

When I found out I was pregnant I was having great success in my career. So much so that David left his career in the medical industry to join me. Together we grew that business.  Clients were landed on my desk weekly, David doing his administrative wonders, and our two boys playing at our feet. Enjoying our daily walks to lunch, the firehouse across the street.  Life was very good, and even with life struggles we were moving forward.  I loved looking around the corner and into David's office, answering his questions.  Eric and Ethan playing with the things that customer's loved to buy.  Even today the boys speak of those wonderful memories.  

Then menopause set in. I was tired all the time.  I told David that teenagers and toddlers were taking it's toll on me and we hired a nanny for the summer to help out.  I was scheduled for a little plastic surgery. I mean really, I had four big babies and my body needed some tucking and nipping interventions, and life afforded such luxuries.

Four days before my surgery David and I went to breakfast and the we were going to grocery shop. Over breakfast he noticed a behavior characteristic of my last pregnancy. He looked me straight in the eyes and told me I was pregnant.  What?  No!!!  I was chewing on his ice. For someone who does not take ice in my water, this was a clear sign to David. Pregnancy test after pregnancy test confirmed that I was not going through menopause. Who has a baby at 40?  Forty is ten years from fifty. Sheesh!!!  

I wanted Emerson to have a mommy full time.  David went back up to the hospital to work. I went back home and five years later I would change nothing.  Life has certainly had it's challenges, but I am blessed every day to be a stay home mommy.  Thanks David, for working so hard to keep me home with this little guy who brings us so much joy. Happy Birthday our little Emersquishy-doodle-all day.

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  1. Sweet blessing! I know he has enriched your lives in unimaginable ways over the years. Praying for all the challenges that lie ahead in regards to his hearing, etc. I believe that God has special plans for his life. You're doing a good job, mom, at loving, teaching, and shaping him for all things sacred!



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