Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ten Actually Twenty Things I Have Learned While on Bed Rest

1.  Emerson is to young to care for himself.

2.  Soft sheets and a fluffy down comforter will change your world. (p.s. if bed-rest is due to a severe kind of pain I suggest not wearing undergarments because you will be in to much pain to adjust those undergarments with the slightest shift in position.)

3.  Before any adults leave the house make sure you have a Vente size water cup filled, lots of reading material, phone, laptop, remote, and chap-stick.  Really. A four year old will come back with a toy cell phone, three drops of water, and always with a precious smile.

4.    The days, surprisingly FLY BY.  Who knew?

5.  You must find the most remote room to truly be on bed-rest. I never knew how sound proof our bonus room is, and no one is ever in this room to begin with so there is not even a habit to this direction.

6.  Try to watch the news at least once a day, or you learn that your city was in a freeze, for over five days, when a child kisses you with a cold nose.

7.  Accept the help that others offer.Not everyone helps in the same way, so allow others to pour the gifts they have on you.  Some things you may not have even thought of and it's a blessing when someone else is doing the thinking.

8.  Thank those who come along to help. Say it over and over if you have not showered blow kisses from afar.

9.  My dog is truly man's oops I mean woman's best friend. He has not left my side. Even when crawling to use the potty, he stay right beside me walking at the snails pace in which I crawled.

10.  There are noises you will never be able to explain that happen outside the room you are in. Best not to ask questions.

12. TV is not good. How will I ever protect my young boys from what comes out of this thing.  Also Acne must be a huge problem in our society because there are non stop ad soliciting products for such problem.

13.  I think I have finally looked at all 400+ friends Facebook pictures, learned how to use Facebook, and realize that this is really kind of fun.

14.  David is a patient man.

15.  People will want to come by, so learn the value of pretty hair clips and socks.

16.  Teach your young children to say nice things to the people who bring over food that looks different than mommy's.

17.  Listen to Doctor's orders 100%.

18.  Do not fret over the Christmas Decorations collecting dust, the cards still hanging, the treats that were never delivered, and the gifts that never got given.

19.  Life is not in our control, nor are our bodies. Listen to your instincts. I didn't and well that short mountain of stairs carrying a treadmill  could have been carried my a strong son and his friends.

20.  God is amazing. He always meets us where we are at.  I have loved our time together.


  1. I should make my own list... hope you're feeling better by now. Oh, and I'm all about my flannel sheets, except now I can't use them because of hot flashes!


  2. Elizabeth, I am praying for you, and concerned about your silence in here. How are you doing? How can we best pray for you?


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