Thursday, December 16, 2010

Follow Up to The Give and The Take

I know everything about this blog. I am the one who writes it. I sometimes write about the day's events, the profound, and then not so profound things about being a mom, a wife, a friend and most important about who God is to me in everyday life.  "Elizabeth Embracing God" is my walk with Him in every way. My relationship with Christ and how He is intertwined into the intimacies of my life.

I try to be as real about my life, and for those who read know that my life just that. I try to speak from my heart, and the things that matter to my heart.   My last post filled my in-box with lots of very interesting emails. Interesting in the way in which so many positives, so many, wish I was in a place to same the same things, so many wishing they could call out those who abuse the system so to speak.  I have not yet responded to each email and I understand that the words I wrote may have hit some people across the eyes, the heart, or even a hand reaching when not in need being pulled in.

I also want to say that there were emails that were not so positive.  Ones that said, I had no right to speak on matters if I don't know the situations people are in. Times are hard, and it's hard enough to ask for help without being criticized for it.

This post in no-way criticizes those with true needs.  This post addresses the dishonesty in presenting a need. I take absolutely no offense to those negative emails and encourage them to encourage, or turn it around to a positive exchange.  Clearly this post touched many people in various ways.  Thank you for taking time to follow and read my blog.  I have a tracker that does not disclose who the readers are, but the various places around the world reading.

If you are in a good place with the resources to bless others I encourage it. I pray that God blesses those who give with the simple pleasure of knowing that they could and they did. If you are genuinely in need then I also encourage to accept the generosity of others, and already be thinking how you can play it forward.

This is a blessed time of year and I am very grateful for the blessings in my life. The most important for this Christmas season is restored relationships.  One in which I will blog on at a later time.

Merry Christmas, elizabeth



  1. Dear Elizabeth, I hear your heart! And why not stir up the thoughts of others so that they can examine their own motivations? I found no specific accusation in your words, so those who feel offended must have either misunderstood your intent or did not read the entire post or for some reason feel defensive. You have brought up a valid point and we need to ponder it!

  2. I know exactly where you are coming from Elizabeth. I also feel that if someone is upset with the blog then it is an problem with them. Maybe the Lord is convicting them of something that needs to be changed in their own lives. Those of us who are blessed to know you understand where your heart is. Never stop being honest my friend. Much love to you always.


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