Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Tree Contest

Here is how this will work.
Go to our Facebook page Skip To My Room
Tag Skip To My Room with a picture of your tree. (up to three pictures)

A small panel of designers will choose the top three favorites.

Grand prize will be a gift card from your area.

Criteria is simple. It's your tree, it's your design, it's what you love and now it's up to our panel to decide if they love it like you do.  Best wishes.  Tell your friends and link them.

Coming in January 
Starting in January we are going to have a monthly featured home.  Start thinking about your favorite room or an area in your home that you would love to have featured.

Your room, or area in your home, will be featured on our blog, and on our Facebook.  Start thinking what submission you will be making. Not limited to just a child's room. Any room in your home.

Please email your pictures to

Don't forget to tag your Christmas Tree to our facebook for your official submissions.
Merry Christmas, Elizabeth

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