Tuesday, November 30, 2010

God the Giver, Me the Receiver

Tis the season for giving. Be a cheerful giver.  Tis better to give than to receive.  I am sure we have all heard these little sayings countless times in our lifetimes. How come no one ever really address's the receiving part of this season.  What if it was Tis the season for receiving.  Be a cheerful reciever.  Tis better to receive than to give. 

I was thinking about my great Aunt Lila and a gift that I have long forgotten. I just remember that she got this random gift at a second-hand store and I told myself to not show any facial expressions of shock, hilarity, but to just smile and say thank you.  That was also the same year that she gave my mom a one piece daisy swimsuit with cups the size of watermelons, also purchased from a second-hand store.

This past week a lovely young gal brought me a pound of coffee.  Just handed it to me and smiled.  I hugged her and thanked her and my spirits were soaring. I asked myself what it is about a gift that makes one a cheerful receiver?  Is it really the thought that counts?  Is there to much emotion wrapped in what the gift is or isn't?

It has been said that "it's the thought that counts" and with that we open our hands to receive that random gift.  Only then to open the gift and immediately be thinking who we can re-gift it to? Not what I wanted, but okay.  Wow, I love it...and then turning away quickly for fear of your lie being discovered.  I am guilty of all of the above.  So guilty that I preface many of the gifts I give as totally okay to re-gift if "this" does not work out for you.

Is it enough to be thought of?  Is it enough to make it on a list?  I was so happy over the simple fact that this young gal was thinking of me an brought me a bag of coffee.  

Was God thinking of me when He sent His son Jesus?  Was it the thought that counted?  I made it on the list of who Jesus came for.  How do we receive such a gift of love. I mean I was soaring over a bag of coffee. Am I soaring over the gift of a baby who came to walk this earth for me?  A gift, I was thought of, my future being birthed one cold damp night, as Jesus came into this world.  God the giver, Me the receiver.  

We give as a reminder that God sent his Son, the most precious gift.  Now when your receive think of that baby Jesus who came to give you new life, new hope and a future in Him.  Salvation. Are your hands open to receive Him?  Can you think of receiving that bag of coffee, that gift card, that silly daisy swimsuit as an act of receiving Him, the Holy Child. A token of remembering to receive.

God the giver, Me the receiver.  This is one gift Tis better to receive into your heart.  A bold act of acceptance of that gift which will do more than have your heart soaring.  Merry Christmas.

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