Friday, October 15, 2010

My Favorite Dad

Ethan is my precious deaf boy. If you follow my blog many stories, milestones, and miracles have been written about him. My heart is always full of the emotions over the blessing of Ethan and how God shows up in his heart.

Today we were driving to school. And he said something I had hoped would NEVER come out of his mouth. Again if you follow my blog you will know that recently Ethan's biological dad has come into life. Ethan has embraced what that relationship is right now. So as we are tootling to school he says this "...mommy guess which one is my favorite dad, Papa or Rick (Rick is the bio dad)?" My heart sank just a little. I want him to love them both, and love each one for who they are to him. Not be thinking one is better than the other. In that moment I felt God tugging on my heart to be quiet. Literally "be quiet Elizabeth and let Ethan talk".

When he asked again because I was truly being quiet I simply asked which one. His response brought tears to my eyes. His response with this "...neither, God is my favorite Dad and the best Father to me." And then he smiled really big and reached over and squeezed my hand.

God already knew Ethan's heart. God already knew the answer to what I thought was a dreadful question. God wanted Ethan to have that chance to honor Him, before I broke out in a lecture of not having a favorite, or not comparing the two, or whatever unplanned lecture I might have on this subject. I kept quiet and listened and received such a tender blessing through Ethan. Ethan embraces his favorite DAD every single day. Wow. Most of us live a life of loving God, but do we embrace who he is to us?

I have always told my kids that I am going to fail them. It will never be my intentions, but it will happen. God, now that is a different story. I share with them over and over the scriptures that confirm His hand over our lives. His love, His concern, His care, His sheltering of our hearts and today Ethan gets it. He gets Him, his favorite Dad our Lord and Savior.

Also if you notice this handsome boy in the picture sporting his soccer gear. He is playing soccer this season and doing very well. Being deaf continues to show me that through Christ we can do all things. Very little inhibits this young man, with a handicap. I have the blessing of coaching his team, which is pretty cool.


  1. Okay, this one melts the heart Elizabeth. May all our children feel as loved as Ethan. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful moment.

  2. Elizabeth... this is so good. Trusting and obeying... and it being sooo worth it!

  3. Tell Ethan he's my favorite dad as well! So glad his lap and heart is big enough for us all.

    Love you, friend.



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