Monday, July 26, 2010

pursue peace

So much to say with so little experience. How do we impart our wisdom about others and their lives? Do we mince our own personal life experiences, mix in some Biblical truth and then draw from the experiences shared by others to come to our conclusions? Based on our own wisdom and experience we can then speak with confidence about another and shade the train of gossip.

I always find it interesting what others have to say about another to taint the simple realities of life. I have a long time friend. We have been friends for over 20 years. I will never forget the day, a woman spoke out against this person, whom at the time I did not know. She had some bad experiences with this woman, and felt that if I were to pursue friendship with her I should be well aware of what she and others had experienced. I am so glad I had chosen to get to know this woman through my own experience, rather than what this person had to say. Had I listened to her negative experiences, I would have missed out on 20 years of friendship, Friendship with amazing mommy mentoring, and her insights into Godly wisdom. To this day I have never shared with my dear friend what "she said".

I was reading an email from about two years ago from our pastor's wife. Letting me know that we needed to meet with a young gal to encourage and build her maturity in such matters of gossip. As I read there were two things that touched my heart. One was that this was not going to be a series on lets hear both sides of the story, but more lets, as mature Christian women teach a younger woman how to work through harder issues. And second the care and tenderness of this woman's heart regardless of where the story started or ended.

Currently, my life for those looking in from the outside would say I am in shambles. Those who have little experience except perhaps lots of past stories or a train of stories would like to speak ill-will of my life. Those who are close embrace and dearly encourage both David, myself and our children. I sat down with one of my kids this morning and reminded him of how important the Bible is for seeking the ultimate wisdom needed. With many not knowing the intimate details that together David and I have chosen to honor each other I am given by so many, less than Godly instruction on how to handle matters. Last night in my quiet time I asked God to show me my roll in this and right before my eyes 5 verses. All had the same message..."pursue peace"

As our hearts unfold the lives, the stories, the hurts, the pasts, the pain what are we doing as Christian brothers and sisters to pursue peace? I am a work in constant progress. David and I both are practicing that as we pursue peace with each other in this transition. We know there will be events for our boys, birthdays, holidays, and later there will be graduations, weddings, and the Lord willing grandchildren. We may not be getting it right on every level, but I love David for the pursuit we share concerning our boys, and our own friendship of peace. It is a hard one for anyone to swallow or understand. Those close to the Traubs, in our lives every day see the intimate details. Our church leaders, those important to council and pour wisdom are part of that pursue peace process.

There are many hurting, struggling, and dealing with pasts that still promote unresolve today. How are you pursuing peace? I talked with a 92 year old man yesterday who said he was at odds with his son. I told him that in what life he has left he should persue peace. Later, his son came to visit and spoke with me, as his dad told him the cleaning lady something t hat made sense. This middle ages man thanked me and I winked at God. I am going to list those verses that God gave me in the wee hours of the morning and am so grateful for a God who can comfort and esteem our hearts no matter where we are at in life.

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  1. Oh, Elizabeth... I do love you, truly. Peace that passes all understanding. Some question if it can truly exist... I know it does by seeing you live it out.


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