Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1-2-3 Blessings

When God presents His amazingness in my life I reach for my phone and want to send out a mass text proclaiming His glory and wonder. Previous posts have spoken of much turbulence in my life. Yet with the storms of last week, the weeks before and as the waves soften He is still in the boat with me always.

I wonder sometimes if we miss His blessings because we are hoping and waiting for that one big moment. God does not hold out for the big moments. He presents himself every single day in my life, and I truly notice. I was sitting with my neighbor over coffee yesterday morning. He has the heart and wisdom of a dad. Emily said this about him..."he is the next best thing to being a grandpa"...that is how much we adore he and his wife. He told me yesterday that he use to think I was just lucky. Luck follows me. After our coffee time yesterday he said he is now realizing the blessings in my life and truly it is not luck. How am I blessed today?

Ethan is a constant handing over to God. Daily and in every situation. He is older and now more conscience of his ear pieces. Noticing that others are looking on with curiosity and not always knowing how, in the moment, to respond. We have worked on answers which he is comfortable with, but he is shy when away from home, so the attention is not something he welcomes. This week he is attending a Vacation Bible School with over 400 kids. I have prayed that he would feel comfortable. It is a church that Elliot and Emily grew up in and I know the director personally so I feel very comfortable taking him, just mama-worry over the finer details of my highly functioning deaf child.

First blessing: A friend. Right away Ethan connected with a girl whom he adores. Once at the same school, they were pals. They were so excited to be in the same class. I think there is something special and tender about this little girl in that she has the tenderness to help Ethan out if he misses something, which at times he does. She can pull him along and in her sweetness be his pal. Thanks God for covering Ethan.

Second Blessing: Ethan's teacher has a mother who is deaf and wears Cochlear Implants. What?! Did you read what I just wrote? She immediately asked me about care of his devices during water sports and she was amazed how well he can speak and hear. God has sent Ethan a modern day angel to watch over him. He is already special to this teacher. And she knows the details for the care of these very expensive devices.

Third Blessing: The timing of VBS this week. This is the first week of being a single parent. I have needed time with just girlfriends and God not only provided time this week (while kids are at VBS) but just the right people to walk, talk, and share over coffee. My heart is lighted as those who know me well have come along side to encourage and love on me. I am not one to easily ask for help, or open up my own heart and yet here this week the time to work through some of the things to come.

Please do not be alarmed over the casual delivery of being a single mom. I have had many years and months to work through some very private issues in my marriage. David and I have parted and those who are very near to me know the details in which this all came about. In honor of David very few details will be printed, just know that God even has these issues covered.

Are you aware of the blessings that hit you each day or do you adopt the "wow that was pure luck". God knows the desires of our hearts and He knows intimately what is best. My prayers over Ethan were answered in ways that I could not have imagined. The transitions of a house divided turned out to be two days of working as a team. It was a very somber moment as I checked out of IKEA having purchased the items for David's kitchen. Even moreso as I unpacked his boxes and put away his things in his new home. After all the moving we all went to each lunch. I am still to love and honor David and God has given me strength to genuinely love and care for him as he chooses this next season of his life. That only comes from God, because over and over people who are close to this situation have said that it is just strange how well we are working together and through this transition.

A few weeks ago, one of the leaders from my church called to check in with me and to let me know that I had the support and prayers from my church family. He asked lots of questions and reminded me of scripture passages. I told him that in this storm I have Joy and peace that do not make sense. I am calm. I know that Jesus is in the boat and I can lean on him. That is a blessing we all have is that He is there just waiting for a tap on the shoulder, coming to Him in all things. Thanks Lord Jesus for the blessings you unfold daily in my life. May those who read this blog recognize that you do show up in the small things and in even more in the big things. Blessings dear friends.


  1. I have learned much from you over the years, E. I continue to do so through your blog... You have blessed me more than words will know. I love you...

  2. May God's constant presence always be your stronghold, and may He always fill your heart and mind with His joy to give you continued strength for the journey.

  3. You're a blessing to me Elizabeth! I love you dear sister!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your heart and joy at the same time. God is good-- all the time, though at some times the good is harder to see. May you rejoice in how carefully God cares for your kids and remember that He indeed cares that deeply for you too.

  5. You know I adore you and your gracious heart. I'm so glad to be your friend and only wish I lived closer so that I could be a better help to you in this season. I, too, have known the blessing of God over the past few weeks. That being said, I've had to make a deliberate decision to look for them... It's not that God's not blessing; it really is about my exhaustion and refusal to look and to receive. He's answered some huge prayers when it comes to our Jadon. And my house... it is a great comfort to us after a long day's work. And my neighborhood... quiet and filled with lots of paths for my daily runs (and no loose dogs!). So there you have it... a beginning to my gratitude list.

    Love you friend. You do have my new contact info, don't you?


  6. Dear Elizabeth, thank you for taking the time to chronicle how God answered your prayers. I have been learning about watching for God after I pray... watching for the answers. Because He does answer. Hugs and love!


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