Sunday, March 14, 2010

This next week my husband David and I will be celebrating seven years of marriage. When people ask me how long I have been married I always feel the need to combine the years of my first and then my second. So technically I have been married for 21 years. I think I should get credit for all those years regardless of how they turned out. These last seven years have defined what marriage truly is for me.

The past seven years have turned out very well. A testament to how honored I am to be married to David is when I hear my older two speak about how David and I touch their hearts and restore their hope for a good marriage. They have watched David and I grow into an amazing love and care for each other. They have watched the process of David and I working through huge issues with mounds of honor and respect for each other. David is solid in my life. David understands my heart and my intentions. David stood strong in my life when family fell apart around me. David understands my love and passions for who God is in my life. David encourages me as a mother to our boys and works hard so I can be home to raise them.

David understands the time needed for the older two kids and works to help them with college fiances, he will sit and listen to their hearts and their process. He is not full of air and opinions. He speaks few words, but words that are wise and esteems both Elliot and Emily. I love when Elliot calls home and needs to talk with David. Man stuff. David is there for two children who have never referred to him as a step-dad, but as his dad. These older two recognize both dads in their lives and have allowed David to be part of their lives.

I am a wife and mother. I have struggles, issues, I laugh at the wrong times sometimes, and cry over silly things. At the beginning and ending of each day there is this man who loves me and shows me every single day with a hug, a kiss, and embrace, he is an amazing man.

Dear Lord Jesus, for the blessing of David and his commitment to me and this very large family I thank you. It's our anniversary month and I pray in the business of all we do, love is not lost in the shuffles.


  1. Thank you for sharing your special week with us Elizabeth. May it be a blessing to all who come into your home. Take Care.

  2. Yes, count them all! Marriage is hard work, friend. So glad you have your David, even as I have my Billy.

    Here's to the next 7!


  3. Happy Anniversary!

    You were on my mind today... I thought... who could I talk to? I need to talk to Elizabeth! I'll be touching base soon.


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