Sunday, December 27, 2009

Silly Little Sausages

I did not know that my last blog entree would pour so many emails into my inbox. I have always understood the stress levels that surround the holidays. In my own world and experiences I have managed to truly make this season bright regardless of how hard things may be when it comes to family. I did not realize the intensity of hurt as strangers would write about the hurts of this time of year.

With a title like "Bacon Wrapped Smokies" strangers who thought they were to get a recipe by googling the name were directed to my blog, took the time to read, and then emailed me the kinds of hurts, the situations, and then asked how I might handle things. I don't think it was an accident that my blog was found in this most unusual way. I know that I will often write from the deepest parts of my heart. It's part of my process in understanding myself and then the world around me. I just never thought the world would respond as they did this Christmas to one simple blog.

I had the opportunity over and over again to share the hope of Jesus to strangers. I was asked over and over how I manage and navigate through life. I could tell of the true meaning this Christmas season has to people who were strangers to the message of Jesus. I was profoundly touched.

You see I am just an ordinary person. Through the ordinary parts of our life we can minister to a hurting heart in ways that we can never know. Seeds of hope dropped along this path of life and never knowing the impact we will have on a hurting heart. Bacon Wrapped Smokies are just a fatty, chemically processed appetizer in which many chose to google and serve. Funny if you think about it. I pride myself in healthy organic living and the one thing that would disgust most healthy people is precisely the name of my last blog and I even made up two platters for serving at my own Christmas Eve party.

My ordinary life, and my prayer to be able to bring Jesus to the hearts of people. I was blessed at a party this past Christmas and embraced the kindness of others so deeply to write a blog, that would later send strangers to type out their own hurts of the past. God sure uses the strangest of things to bring it all back to Him. This year it was these silly little sausages, bacon and brown sugar. To some it may seem a bit comical, but to those who are reading who shared your hearts please know how blessed I am that you took the time to do what is really really hard in outwardly sharing your hearts and being open to know more of Jesus. I am praying for each one of you as you continue your journey towards Him, the baby Jesus.

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  1. Elizabeth! How inspiring... sometimes we don't know why we write... or to whom we write... but to think... of your funny little title... making a difference to hurting souls and at the same time answering the desire of your heart. I am in awe of the Great I AM!


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