Friday, October 5, 2018

"I Baked You A Pie" by Emily Otteson
I wanted to sit down tonight and write a warm fuzzy blog about Emily Otteson. I wanted to talk about a little girl who use to dance in the formal living-room singing her favorite songs. I wanted to talk about her beautiful baking. Emily being the baker in the family  Each holiday or special event, you could always count on Emily to fill the house with beautiful smells. Or her weekly batch of chocolate chip cookies.  There are so many stories around our kitchen while baking. I will never have pretty Pinterest pages of my baking because I am not a baker. Now those who know me will think that to be a lie. Because I put on some great parties of cookie baking and ginger bread houses, but in the day to day not really. And the real truth is I never even baked a pie. And with all those parties was this sweet girl beside me. She was the baker. And if you really took notes, she was the one behind such amazing parties and chocolate chip cookies. And she had to tell me to keep my hands out of the cookie dough.

It's late and I am tired. I hopped on here because I did not want another day to pass that this sweet girl's first release did not land on my blog. It was released on September 30, 2018. I admit I have been a bit paralyzed in writing. Why?  Because each time I have sat down in the past few days write I sit at my desk and cry. I know the story behind this song. I know her heart, and where the depth of these words come from. A mother wants to protect the intimacies of a heart broken. And that I have done with each of my children. But then she baked him a pie. And the result of that pie produced the heart of her very first formal release. Each time I hear "I Baked You A Pie"  I relive the heart breaking phone call of my daughter thousands of miles away and I could not hold her and tell her it was going to be okay. I just listened on the phone. And it is still her story to tell and she begins with her first release, "I Baked You A Pie".

Of course she baked him a pie. Take a moment to listen to the words. Her melodic and angelic voice will carry you to a moment into your own story. A story we can all related to. And maybe you did not bake pie, but you extended your heart, or let down your guard. As the song continues are repeat on my speakers I hear over and over how Emily worked out the process of her heart. She is a writer, a musician, an artist and I could not be more proud of her. Not because of the God given gifts in music, but because she took the harder parts of life and decided to share it with you. As you listen remember that we each share our story and our journey in the best ways we know how. I am not a writer of music, or thoughtful filled stories. I am one who shares the journey of life through this blog. Years unfold in the pages of this blog. And tonight another story. Please click on the link and listen to "I Baked You A Pie" on Spotify and please follow Emily Otteson. Thanks for loving our family over the years and watching this girl grow up.

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