Friday, September 4, 2009

I am one of those people. You know the kind you see in a grocery store, children look adorable and mother has not taken notice of herself, just woke up and threw on some clothes. I am wearing red warm up pants, and an aqua blue t-shirt.(I am told this color looks good on me, so how bad could I really look?) I had intended on going upstairs to brush my hair, teeth and get dressed for the day. But all the boys were in perfect cooperation getting shoes and socks on and into the car.
Any change in the process might have delayed getting out the door by another fifteen minutes. I did not think I looked that bad until I saw, not one, but two people I know at the grocery store. I had two extra boys, so there I was with 5 boys seven and under. Frazzled hair and a joyful spirit.

I always think it is funny the light in which other see me in. One woman, a regular person in my life asked..."Elizabeth is that you?" Of course, why would it not be me? She is a friend who is always well put together and the times I typically see her I am also put together. I said something funny like..."and to think I am not even gardening, no excuse to be looking like this about town" and she said "yes, but you are wearing your Gucci watch which cancels out your dreadful outfit." She did promise to take me shopping for quick throw on clothes.

Another gal was from church, and smiled at my handful of boys, cart full of groceries and tried to chat with me. Standing in a busy parking lot I did not have the time or eyes to focus on her to keep little boys safe. I hope she was not offended when I smiled and said I had to go. I got boys and groceries loaded in the van and off we went chatting and singing "One Finger One Thumb Keep Moving". If you don't know this email me. It's a great song with hand motions that kids love.

When I got home, and things settled down I looked in the mirror and just busted up laughing. The back of my head was true "bed-head". My feet were dirty from running in the backyard before breakfast with the boys...which are just like puppies and need to be let out before breakfast. My shirt and stretchy pants were no more a match than, than, peanut butter and tuna. Yet this is the way in which I went about town. How did I even have time to put a watch on I do not know.

All this reminds me of something more profound and important than my lack of hair brushing and clothing choice. It made me start to open my eyes around me and realize that life is really so simple. Is the simplicity mistaken for lack of care. I could tell in the eyes of the others the look of "that poor woman". Yet I was having a blast at the store with all these boys. They were behaving beautifully, we were experiencing the grocery store with each item being thrown into the cart. Un-inhibited and enjoying life today.

My new neighbors were out and displaying their dinner with the hope of a blessing from Buddha. It was explained a little to me, which was very cool and later once the blessing was received they shared some homemade spring rolls. The best I have ever had. My first instinct when I saw them was to gather the boys, run inside and put on something know...impress. Something to go along with that GUCCI watch I was still wearing. Why? Why would I do that? And then I thought and realized that the simplicity of the moment would be lost into the world of getting it all together. Sometimes I don't have it all together. My exterior may look like it's all together, but years of shopping at Nordstrom taught me that. With an interior that was hurting, it's always easy to mask. But today the interior is joyful, blessed, and humbled to take a breath in each new day. I did not need to run and get my look on. What look? Sheesh I have to face it that even Nordstrom could not turn me into a fashionista.

I ramble on, I know, but to fall into the day with less savvy is more rewarding that what GUCCI could ever do for me spirit and my soul. The joy in my identity being in Jesus expands the exterior and interior I hope. I might pause the next time I put on aqua and reddy striped strectchies...........


  1. Wish I could feel comfortable in my own skin. Thanks for sharing. What a blessing.

  2. So... now to decide... do I go take a bath today... I mean... really... who is going to see me today? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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