Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Traubs in Training (TNT)

Yesterday was the first day of homeschooling. Ethan is eager to get started and since we have the entire summer, why give up precious months and wait until fall. Our room is set up with three little work areas and if yesterday is any indication of what school will look like for the summer I am in for some fun and learning.

This may sound a big braggy, but what mother would not be so proud as to say I am five for five. To God be the glory for the level of interest my children have in learning. It's easier if you have kids who are interested and soak up everything you want to teach them. They have always been that way and I am very blessed to have no disorders to speak of. Aside from Ethan being deaf, even he is bright and ahead of his deaf peers.

Traubs In Training was a name that a friend came up with. I threw it out on Facebook for someone to come up with a name for our home school and this was the favorite. Like any good "business" we needed to have our statement. Ethan has asked me every day for almost two weeks if I found a Bible verse for our statement. Our school's tag line so to speak and today I found one.

Daniel 2: 21-22

"He gives wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding; He revealed the deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwelled in him."

This is perfect for young boys in learning and growing and I am so excited for this season of being able to be home and teach my boys. I have scoured the scriptures for a perfect verse and am so blessed that I stumbled over this one. Each month we will memorize a passage. I want to start with the 123rd Psalm, but for now we must learn our school's verse.

Blessings today to all who pass by here.


  1. Way to go, Mom! Love the name and verse, too!

  2. You go friend! I can't imagine; we do have a bit of "school" in the summer as one child is dyslexic and needs daily reinforcement in many areas. I homeschooled one year; enough said.


  3. It's always so exciting when they are eager to learn. Their enthusiasm for it is contagious. We took our new telescope out for the first time the other night and all three girls were so excited. Hope you can stop by and see the pics.


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