Sunday, June 7, 2009

It is strange to think....

I have been married to my husband long enough to know his reality and his conflict with the supernatural. He gets God in his life, but as he has been known to say on more than one occasion "I am an intellectual on many matters and levels" and for this I love him. He keeps the ground laid, and follows the map. Not always one he's looking at, but he does have a good one between his ears and under his bald spot.

Today we have been talking about some of the changes we will need to be making. I apologize for any kind of mystery in that word..."changes". My previous post said changes are to come and I feel in this case to keep it all to myself for a while. Just pray and know that it's heavy on our hearts. We are chatting away, and sharing our ideas, views, opinions and I tend to be the dreamer with no limitations. David looks at the limitations and then works within those boundaries.

But then we collided in a very real, amazing and fun way. He said "Elizabeth we just can't do that". I smiled. I smiled and I said "David can't is never in my vocabulary. I go before God and say 'this is the desire of my heart' and if the door opens we can walk through, but sometimes we are brought to the door and like a present we are to open it".

David has always stood in amazement of how things seem to come about in our lives. And he would agree that often it is the supernatural, does not make sense, but he can bring order and sense to it because you know he's the intellectual. It is strange to think that anyone would put a boundary on what God is going to do, can do and does do. Yet I understand my husband and he has healthy limitations and fears, often guiding us in a direction that is just perfect for the situation. In this case he is smiling once again because he knows God does want to give us the desires of our hearts. What that looks like we are not sure, but "can't" is our own limitation, not Gods.

I am blessed today by the hope of what God has in store for our lives. Blessings.

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  1. I'm contemplating a "can't" today; I feel a bit overwhelmed, but I'm trying to see God's "can" in it all.

    Keep pressing in and believing God for the change.



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