Saturday, May 2, 2009

The First BBQ of the Season

This smile is true to the life we live. Pretty good, happy and even with the daily events we try to enjoy life. BTway I found these glass's at The Dollar Store.

My husband informed me this morning that there will be no more food shopping until we have unloaded the freezer and cupboards. I said that we have a houseful and I stocked up with Elliot home because he is always walking in the door late at night with a few extras and they always have mouths that want food. He walked out to the freezer and this is always a good thing.

Later I saw hamburger being defrosted and thought hmmmmm David is cooking hamburgers and I have never seen him cook burgers indoors. A power outage over the dinner hour guaranteed a yummy dinner. David made his secret recipe burgers, and grilled them and we wrapped fresh broccoli in foil and threw that on the grill. The smell of a thunderstorm and BBQ brought back memories of my early Pennsylvania upbringing. It was glorious and divine. I told him I will have BBQ ready every single night when he arrives home from work. There is something about the flavor of food when it's cooked on a grill outdoors in the rain.

Eric was in the tub earlier this evening. I decided to spray down the entire bathroom with cleaner and deep clean the bathroom while Eric was in the tub. This is a terrific idea, since I am there right? That is until the power goes out. This bathroom has no natural light, and is in a hallway with no windows, so we are both in pitch blackness. Eric squeals to get out, but I yell to stay put because I have cleaner chemicals sprayed all over the floor. He starts crying, just a little and I am laughing because David is yelling CLOSE ALL THE WINDOWS!!!! I tell Eric to stay put and then run from one room to the next as a sideways wind, thunder, and rain storm beat on the house. I run downstairs to grab some flashlights. Eric is yelling...."don't forget about me mommy". I arrived back in the bathroom with a flashlight and finished cleaning the bathroom. Eric let me know he was done with his bath NOW. I can get an hour of bath time out of Eric, so the truth of the matter is he was not hip with a flashlight lit bathroom.

The next hour was spent trying to explain to three little boys about electricity, what the wind, rain, thunder, lighting and storming has the power to do. Over and over the same questions asked in about 100 different ways. Ethan kept running to the window and give us an update on the current conditions outside. Ethan was the most uptight over the weather. It did not help that when he was most fearfully looking out the window David came up behind him and made rumbling sounds into his ears, and well that promoted more fear. David said I would have done the same thing if I had thought of it. Never I say.

Well I must end this blog for this evening. Ethan is making a list of all the pets he wants and needs help with spelling. Emerson just washed his hair in the toilet again because it was dirty and at this time I am needed. All hands on deck at this house. Happy Weekend.


  1. Seems like you were making the most of no electricity from the storm. I hope it's back on.

    We moved from WA state back in Oct to TX. Tom is now pastoring a church in NY and this is our permanent move. We were in TX only 6 mths. We are originally from NY. We took a long road trip from TX to NY. I hope that helped clarify it. It's been a very busy month.

  2. My new blog URL is:

    Come on by to read the sad tale of my .com adventure with Google.

  3. We did not lose power at our house. Sounds like you had fun though! Not sure about the washing of the hair in the toilet, but I guess water is water. May your BBQ have been wonderful. Take Care.

  4. Wow, that's some rainstorm, both literally and emotionally! Gracious, your ship is full and moving and warrants your full attention. I understand. I'm on a similar journey.

    Here's hoping today is smoother sailing, with the lights on!



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