Friday, October 10, 2008

Grilling Goodness # 2

If you feel that your Friday needs some good insights into the hearts of women across American, first read here and then go here..., and then add your own for good measure.

1. What can cheer you up when you're feeling grumpy?
I love when my husband does these cute silly things to make me feel better, you know like sneak up on me with a cutsie kind of hug, or offer me a drink of water, or something, but always in a silly kind of way. I also love when any of my children will look at me, and give me a hug because they get a sense of some grumpiness.

2. Give one feature that could make or break the deal if you were shopping for a new home.
One feature that makes the deal is a large soaking tub, a must have. A deal breaker is always small bedrooms.

3. What's the craziest thing you've ever let your children eat for breakfast?
I can't say there has ever been anything edible that would be marked as crazy. However when I have had migraines and left the six year old to help out he fed his brothers marshmellows, raisins, chocolate bars, and milk. But they would have ended up with some of that through out the day anyway.

4. If you are a 'watch what you eat' kind of person, share a meal or dish that makes it easier to diet.
I have this spinach, tomatoe, garlic, onion, bean, green olive soup that is to die for. I make it up almost every Friday since my husband is a carbo-holic it helps me get through the weekends with out joining him. Then I snack on it during the week for an easy and quick lunch. Now mind you I still carry extra weight, but thing is, it's not the extra it could be. LOL

5. Is there something you used to do as a child that you would never let your children do now?
I am most certain they will not be hiding behind the park bathrooms at the age of 11 practicing being cool with a friend and cigerettes.

6. If you have a daughter, are her ears pierced? When did you allow it?
Yes, my daughter's ears are pierced. I allowed her to get them done around the age of 11. She has recently got her nose pierced which every mother at one point or time must endure something of a simular nature. Here is the link to my thoughts on that one....

7. Are you the only person in your house who changes the TP roll??
Up until about a two weeks ago. Now I have the six year old doing a check on the bathrooms and I took the tp from my husband's potty because I told him that I did not think he needed because every single time I go in there it's empty. Next time I went in the roll was was low, and low and behold there sat an extra roll.
8. How old were you when you no longer lived with a parent(s) for the first time?
I was 20 years old. To this day I still can't believe my parents set me up in a nice studio apartement on Capital Hill in Seattle. I loved it!!!!! I was basically on my own at 20 and loved it.


  1. 1. Ah, silly husbands can make a difference, indeed!

    3. Ha! I'm coming over for breakfast when he is in charge!

    5. YIKES!

    6. off to read that post right now!

    8. VERY cool!

    Thank you for playing!!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Hey- maybe I should have my 7 year old clean MY bathrooms...good idea!

  3. I read your post about Emily's nose piercing with a smile on my face. Some of those were my stereotypes too. When we talk this weekend I will have to share with you some of the reasons I, mom of 6, conservative Christian, homeschool mom -- got my nose pierced!

    But I have to say, if it were my daughter, I'd STILL have a hard time adjusting!

  4. That's a fun list - THANKS for sharing it. (It's neat to get to know you better)

    Now about that soup... It sounds SOOOO YUMMY!


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