Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To those who smile often...

This morning I was at the mall with the two little boys. I dropped Ethan off at school and was feeling like I was not ready to go home yet. I did not have a plan for the day and my spirits are a little off. I know that it's just the realization that yet another one of my children is going off to this next exciting season of their life. Even though my heart is joyful and blessed over the decisions being made by my second child, I can't quite wrap my brain around life without her in my life every day. So, I am doing a good mommy thing. Just thinking and embracing the emotions I have.

The boys were happy to have the play area all to themselves. I could just sit and think and get excited as they went into their world of play which required very little of me. This mall has lots of early morning walkers, and the stores are not yet open. So I sit and pray, and ask God to bless my day and ask for emotional balance in sending Emily off. And then this little old man walked by and smiled and said I had delightful boys. And then a couple walked by and smiled as the squeals of little boys playing filled the air. As the minutes moved along I decided to count how many smiling people walked by. And then I realized that God had sent me smiling angels. My spirits needed lifting, and for the next 45 minutes a multitude of old people would pass by, pause, smile at the boys and then smile at me. Very few words exchanged, but a blissful smile.

So for those of you who smile often know that you never know the moment that smile is raising the spirits of a heart. I sat there and my smiles turned into a slight chuckle because I personally think my boys are the most adorable, imaginative and animated boys. I am glad that their play brought delight into the hearts of others and in return I got to be blessed by the smiles of angels walking around in the bodies of old people.


  1. my favorite people are of the older smiling generation :o)

  2. What a beautiful thought. That a simple act of smiling can make someone's day. I'll keep it in mind today as I go the grocery store. Maybe I will count the smiles too. :)


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