Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is my friend...

The heart Marie wears is in memory of her little baby girl Arie. She still hurts as does her husband. Life does not provide answers for the things that go wrong in this world, but God is still working in our lives every single day. He knows the unknowns and when we are seeking after Him, we can take joy is what is to come.

This is the first time in many, many days that my sweet friend is smiling and having fun. I love how she is so open with her loss and is trying her best to make sense of what makes absolutely no sense at all. But life is moving forward and we are all trying to make it in this world with the trials and tribulations.

This picture was taken at a dinner party at my house. It was loads of fun and the best food, flowers, and not so terrific dessert. Not because of my doing (except the dessert), but because my awesome neighbors love to share their blessings and talents.


  1. Beautiful smiles.

    Smiles, because God heals.
    Smiles, because you have real friends.
    Smiles, because we know He is in control.
    Smiles, because life is filled with love.

  2. My heart goes out to Marie and I am glad to hear she is beginning the healing process.


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