Friday, July 11, 2008

Just a bit to much sun....

Can this week be over with? Can the old house be done with? I tell myself that all of this shall soon pass and the hard work is almost over. I spent all day Thursday cleaning and scrubbing the old house. I was actually more impressed with how clean everything was. It's not that we are stinky dirty people, but a house with lots of people living in it...well I guess we are much more clean than I had thought.

I had the terrific help of my daughter to watch her brother's all day, and then a friend's daughter to help with the cleaning. We worked hard and well together. And I would be sitting here and thinking wow, a job well done, but then the next day, which is today I was up at 6am to hang Garage Sale signs and go back to the hold house to hold a two-day garage sale. I spent the entire day in the sun, which for the first few hours I felt great. Like, wow, I am getting paid to get a tan and that is cool, but then it got old and my head hurt and still does from to much sun.

It was a gorgeous day in Oregon, and my energy was soon depleted and I feel terrible. I tried to go to bed early, but the chocolate chip cookies my husband made with the boys are calling my name. So I hid outside on the patio, ate three with milk. My body aches, I have a headache, and I still have another day of a sale and it's going to be hotter tomorrow.

This blog is really about grumbling. I have a hard time grumbling, because the price I pay now is the lovely home I sit in. It all comes with the territory. I grumble to my husband that he gets to go to work and I get stuck with the "crap" work. He smiles and tells me that I love the cash that will explode out of my wallet, which he is right. It was really a good day. I think of garage sales as more of a price one is paying to carry off my junk. Not so much that I am making money, because the value on the plastic piano that goes for only $1.00 is priceless. I am not one to dicker with. I take pride is saying no to those who ask for a discount. One woman said that I was not such a good garage sale lady, but she was leaving happy because I have a nice smile. I had to smile even bigger because she paid the sticker price and I am $4.00 richer.

So my weekend, with the skies blue, temperature to be in 90"s, is limited to a double wide driveway of junk and strangers. Their money is green and it's paying for the fence we have had to put in this week. That is a different story, and an even bigger grumble. Happy Weekend to everyone and if you live in the area bring me something cold to drink and chocolate. Now with those two combinations I just may cut you a deal.


  1. I hope the garage sale goes well. It's not easy moving.

  2. haha, I don't know if I'm laughing more at you hiding eating those cookies (done that!) or the smile on your face from telling people no. But hey, I'll bet you slept good from all that work!

  3. I hear the headache from too much sun. I've had one twice this week. No fun. Good luck getting rid of the junk. It feels great to finally be done with it and have the cash to buy something new even if it's for a new fence. Wish I was closer-I'd bring you a cold drink and lots of chocolate we could both pig out on. :)


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