Friday, July 18, 2008

Healing Powers

Ethan has realized today that Jesus has given him some healing powers. He said that he is special to have this power. He has the biggest and bluest eyes and is so adorable with his convincing innocence on the subject matter. Who am I to judge the heart of a six year old. He says he has healing powers I can only believe him.

I asked him when he became aware that he had these special healing powers. He said yesterday when Emerson fell on a sticker bush. He helped his brother and where Emerson said he had an owee, Ethan touched that area and there was no owee and Emerson smiled and was happy. I agreed that must have been special to know that you helped your little brother.

He then said he could heal himself right now before my eyes. I said okay. He showed me that he has a small scratch along the top of his hand from the sticker weeds. (new yard and lots of tall weeds). He then licks his finger, and then passes his finger over the scratch. Magically the scratch has disappeared. I am certain that this will not be last healing before my eyes, but it so amazes me how our young children are actively thinking about what is so real about the Jesus they know.

It challenges my faith in ways that most adults could never challenge. I love our chats about who Jesus is and how he wants us to walk in his likeness, be like him, and love like him. Today Ethan felt very special that he is being like Jesus. Forever I will remember him standing before me and very proudly claiming he has healing powers.


  1. Oh Elizabeth, how precious.

    I've heard that the faith of a mustard seed can move mountains ;O)

    Can't wait to see how many mountains your beautiful son moves in this world for his Jesus.

    Blessings, Joanne

  2. He sounds adorable. His display of faith is amazing. I have to agree with the poster above, can't wait to see how many mountains your beautiful son moves in this world for his Jesus.

  3. Wow... what an amazing testimony. OH to have the faith of a child.

    Ask him to pray for me... I have really been having some physical struggles lately.

    Hoping to someday meet you and Beloved Mama in person!!!

  4. Wow that testimony bought a lump in my throat. How very special.

  5. How sweet! We can all learn lessons in faith from our little ones.

  6. Oh for the faith of a child that simply believes and doesn't question the truth of God's redemptive and healing work in our lives. Love this story.


  7. What an awesome moment you must have had with your little one. His faith is certainly a challenge to me also. I love that he used spit to heal. My mom used to do that with us and now does it with my children. She calls it magic spit and it heals. How fun that he's got the gift of healing already. :)


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