Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mommy Words of Wisdom

As a mother we must always embrace those moments when a phrase, a sentance, a kind and impressive act comes from our children's behaviors or words spoken from their mouth(s). Today, in the midst of moving, shuffling boxes, kids and a coffee this is what I experienced.

We started a morning with a spider crawling through our kitchen. From the breakfast table this nice size spider was spotted by all three boys. I made a simple statement that he is just passing through looking for breakfast. So what do you suppose happens next? That pour little spider did not have a chance. All the boys decided to share their craisins. Red, squishly craisins went flying, all with the good intentions of giving the spider breakfast. The only thing is that all day I have been finding craisins EVERYWHERE!!! My new house has them everywhere and it took quite a while to figure how they all came over on the moving van. I realized that in the rush to get things moving and rolling we all had them on our shoes, rolled up in the area rugs that went over and well it just wouldn't be home without something sticking to me. So welcome to our new home.

My daughter walked into the kitchen. Bless the sweetness of her heart. She said "you know mom, you have taught me one thing that is really important (one of the many things-she added). You taught me not to be afraid to ask questions and ask for things that are important to me." My response is you have to ask yourself first how painful the "no" might be and then take the chance. She asserted herself this week in asking to be part of a music program, that she was told is very hard to be a part of. This is a group that has a lot of talent, recordings and opportunities. She just decided to ask. She was went in to sing and play and now has an opportunity to play and sing. She came away from that experience with the expectation of a yes or no. A 50-50 chance which she already knew the down side would not devastate her.

So Words of Wisdom for today. Teach your children to never be afraid to ask questions. People who ask questions are the smart people of the world. Craisins stick to everything and I don't believe spiders are interested in them.

Thanks for reading, Elizabeth


  1. It must be amazing to see your child grow up to be the person you were guiding them to be.

  2. Thank you for the Craisin lesson - it's good to know.

    What an amazing child you have. Seems like she learned from mom very well.

  3. In the past, I would run from asking questions that would put me in the position of rejection. I've moved past some of my fears in this area and am learning to ask. My husband walks this path fearlessly and has taught me much about asking, even when the results may not be what I'm wanting.

    More often than not, I get a positive response.


  4. I am continually amazed at my 6 year old's total LACK of fear of rejection - just ask is his philosophy. But my 5 year old's total FEAR of rejection - everyone will laugh, no one will like this, etc. I don't know who gets it from where. Makes me look within, though.


  5. That's pretty cool that your daughter is not afraid to ask. I think this is a very important trait. One that helps us walk in our faith every day.

    Sounds like you are having quite an interesting move. How exciting that you are going into your new house. I pray the move continues to go smoothly.


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