Sunday, June 22, 2008

And the fun begins....

It's Sunday evening and I am sitting here planning the arranging of furniture in our new home. This afternoon we went to the house taking measurements and then took the kids to play at the new park just half a mile away. I looked around at all the families with kids and wondered who is going to be my new friend in this new town. The kids played alongside kids that were their ages. I have made some of my closest friends while sharing conversations in a park as our toddlers played together. This is all new and exciting.

We went and purchased a washer, dryer, and frig. My husband and I were so excited. I had found a sofa lounger in a red microfiber weeks ago. I asked him to come and look at "something" with me. We wandered through the furniture department of Macy's and his comment was "how did you know exactly where this is?" I told him that Emily and I had visited this sofa a few times. We sat in it and with a nod of his head he said yes. I reminded him that I backed down on the $2006.00 frig with all the bells and whistles. Which it was really not a backing down, but a more walking away and down the isle to reality.

We get the keys tomorrow. Although the builder has been wonderful and has allowed me the combination to the lock box to access the house any time I needed to. It's called the Mother's Day House because that was when we agreed we would get serious about our search for a home and I spent five hours on Mother's Day, by myself looking. God has been so amazing in this entire process. The process is never very easy and often very emotional. But guess what, God knows the desires of our hearts and knows exactly what we need at just the right time.

There have been some huge obstacles to overcome this past week. I wish I can go into detail, but please pray for me as I process the events of this situation. I have had two sleepless nights, a supportive husband and just need to continue to trust where God places me. Fortunately it's not related to our house deal, or family or friends but a situation outside of family and friends.

My daughter is begging me to go up and watch TV with her. We like to get into my big king size cloud of comfort and watch our favorite shows, so I must say thanks to everyone in advance for prayers, and thanks be to God for His blessing upon my life.


  1. Praying for you and hoping that you feel direction and clarity in the situation.
    You are moving? Will you be close to your old home or is this a new adventure? Can't wait to hear what all has been going on in your life lately.:)

  2. Praying that your situation will get resolved and God will give you peace for it.

    Congratulations on the new house. You must post pictures when you move in and get settled.

  3. OH, Elizabeth! I love having a name for the house...

    May God give you the strength, comfort and wisdom as you work through the situation that has brought obstacles into your life.

  4. Have fun making your new house your home.

    Congratulations to the beautiful graduate.

    I don't keep up with Oprah, I hope she reads your letter.

  5. So very excited for you!
    Can't wait!!!

  6. I am so excited for you. I can't wait to you are all in and we can see pictures. I met most of my friends through my kids also. It just seems that kids give us a common bond.

    I will pray for your obstacles whatever they are and that they are removed.

  7. WOW It all sounds so exciting. The moving part. I hope your problem has resolved by now.


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