Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Blessings...

This weekend the kids and I have been talking a lot about being blessed by God.
"Like to we really take inventory of how much we are really blessed?". We are not of the mindset of having good luck, or falling into good luck. When good things happen it's a blessing. So here is the inventory list and I invite you to comment and share your list for the weekend.

1. I found two brand new bikes on craigslist for the boys. The family said the boys outgrew them before they could really learn to ride them, and they were speedy souped up bikes for only $80.00 for both.

2. I found a house that the kids love.

3. David loves the house too

4. The house is 10 minutes to David's work and 15 minutes to the kids school. HUGE BLESSING!!

5. David and I were able to play golf again (two Sundays in a row)

6. I had all five of my kids in church worshipping together.

7. We found training wheels for Ethan's bike within two minutes of looking, huge because we were all hungry and I promised right after church we would get them, not thinking that the other four kids would be starving.

8. Everyone sitting down to lunch out, and everyone behaving...big smile!

9. The pastor's message AMAZING!!

Okay, these may seem like every day normal things, but as the air was crisp with the hint of summer, the sun shining and the weekend coming to a close, I realize for me that the joy that fills my heart is with the smallest of blessings. As we shared as a family there were many different things at many different levels and it was so fun to take inventory of how God is blessing us individually and as a family. So how is God blessing you today, right now as you read this and take inventory in your day. Blessings!


  1. The past week was incredibly relaxing and enjoyable for the three of us. We got there and back safely and we had lots of good food.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Blessings a many. You know my Friday evening blessing of spending time in the ER. Blessed that Ian didn't have to sedated because he is such a brave boy. Saturday we spent on our Walk for Life for a local crisis pregnancy center. All of our family walked and it blessed us to bless others with the money raised.That evening we went to Narnia-so good! Sunday I worked in church while the rest attended services. I got to spend time with my kids and we grilled out. It was all a blessed time if all very ordinary. That's how it works. Right?

  3. Right now?

    With kids gone to bed. With a stomach well fed. With some quiet to spend with my Father.

    Really, to have 4 healthy children, parents, and hubby is all I could hope for. There are so many suffering around me. I feel very blessed this day!


  4. Eating Orville Redenbacher's FF Kettle Corn Popcorn. Watching the baseball highlights while son and hubby sit together snuggled in a chair. Peering out the window and loving the view of my garden (and hammock I received for mom's day). Simple blessings.

  5. what fun blessings :o) God is good!

  6. I sometimes can't believe how often God blesses us in a day. You know right now he is working overtime for my mom and so far she has received many blessings and I can think of many more. Thanks for sharing yours. I am so excited to hear about this house you found. What an awesome deal with the gas prices going up to not be too far from work or school.


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