Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Do you ever wake up and pinch yourself? Today I had the opportunity to sleep in. Last night we decided not to go to church. We wanted to sleep in, lounge over a long cozy breakfast in jammies, do a family donut run, and just take our time doing nothing at all. So I get to sleep in. If I wanted I could have slept in until noon. It's Mother's day.

I laid in bed. It was around 8:00am and I could hear the giggles, the waiting for mommy, the chat about presents, and the excitement for mommy to come downstairs. I have such a sweet family. I mean I am not kidding here, above and beyond anything you might call normal. I have fun kids. Not an introvert in the bunch, which means lots and lots of talking, expressing, and gathering many people in small places. Because no matter how much space is in a room, we all want to be in each other's space.

So I lay in bed and I just think...I am going to pinch myself. So I do, and you know it's real. I am a very blessed mother. My oldest is in his 3rd year of writing "An Ode to my Mother". Words that melt my heart. I am going to share it sometime this week. Ethan was excited for me to open my box of golf balls. I mean he's six years old and already excited about the gifts that "he" can use. LOL. I did get to go and play golf with my husband today. The older kids stepped up to the plate to help with the younger boys and it was a lovely afternoon with my husband too.

I sit here with no words of great depth. Just simply that I have enjoyed the journey of being a mother. There is nothing I would rather be doing than working through each day with the blessing of knowing that God gave me these little sillies to raise up. Each with their own personality, handicap, gifts, and challenges. He knew I could handle an Elliot, Emily, Ethan, Eric and Emerson. Wow, it just makes smile to know that I am sitting hear right now with five terrific kids under my roof.

Thank you Lord for blessing me in such a way that you have allowed me the privilege to be part of raising these kids up in You. Thank you that every single day you give me I will always be a mom. Thank you that my past, the hurts of my past, and the dysfunctions of my childhood have not kept me from being the kind of mom my children need. Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's out there.


  1. I'm so glad you had a happy day! and thank you so much for my card...the picture reminded me of my 3 boys :o)

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, I am glad you had a great Mom's day.

  3. What a beautiful day Elizabeth. I love that your oldest started a writing tradition for you. So sweet.

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