Monday, April 7, 2008

Is it really a miracle...?

I have been thinking about Miracle Monday all day. You can find out more at Beth's sight.

I was trying to figure out in everyday life all that God brings to me that I may miss. Is He walking by and I have my head somewhere else. Did he just place His hand on me and simply bless me. Did I drive two slow for the guy behind me, only to miss catastrophe in front of me?

As I have shared I have a deaf child. Many circumstances brought him into a hearing world. That was my first Miracle Monday testimony. You can scroll back and find. I ask myself if Emerson was a reminder to trust in God. Very few people know this about Emerson. He could not hear within a couple of weeks of bringing him home. I could not admit it to myself or say it out loud for so long.

Emerson was born a normal healthy baby. He pasted his newborn hearing test. Ethan has a condition called Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts. Hearing is lost at a rapid rate, so even a positive screening was no indication of what could be…with Emerson. I prayed that Emerson would be fine. However all was not fine. It was the same pattern as Ethan. At first I chose not to pray. This may sound very strange from a passionate praying woman, but I thought okay God here we go again. What is the point of praying?

From the time Emerson was three weeks old, he came along with me on several business trips with an assistant. The same kinds of comments came with Emerson, as they did with Ethan. “Wow, he can sleep through anything.” “He does not even startle at loud noises.” “This baby is sure quiet and easy.” And then Vena, my assistant said it out loud while we were in San Francisco. She had been with me for about six weeks and her job was to care for Emerson while I was working with a client. So she knew Emerson well. She asked me if I feared that he may be deaf too. Emerson was about ten weeks at this time.

I told her that all my babies were easy going and Emerson was no different. I came home and told David what Vena had said. He said he was already thinking the same and I knew I was thinking it. For me, it was like this; if I don’t talk to God about this, maybe “this” is not really happening. We did all the pots and pans banging, purposely slammed door with him close by, and he failed all our home tests. One of the first indications with Ethan was car trips. He would fuss and the sound of my voice produced zero changes in his crying. The radio did not quiet him to listen, nothing. This was the case with Emerson too.

We scheduled a visit to the doctor. A week before his visit, I just started praying that he NOT be deaf. I told God that my heart, my marriage, my family…ME could not handle this. I begged Him through tears. I woke up everyday and through out the day would pray over Emerson. When he was nursing I would look into those precious eyes and tell him it will be okay. God is going to touch your ears.

The night before his appointment our family prayed over Emerson’s sleeping little body. My heart was aching, but during the prayer, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I felt such a peace. I felt that Emerson was healed in that moment. When we were done praying I thanked my husband for putting his hand on my shoulder as he was a comfort. He said he did not put his hand on me. It was then I knew Emerson was healed.

The next morning at his appointment he had perfect hearing. All the sounds of home would startle him and the most amazing thing was when he fussed in the car and I spoke. He stopped fussing and was quiet.

I realize that day and even today it was God teaching me to keep myself close to Him. The outcome is not what is important it’s who we are from one day to the next. He is always watching out for us. Are we taking notice? Are we aware of how His breath is breathing on us? He is that close. I felt for the first time in my life God answered my prayer in a heartbeat and already knew that I could not handle another deaf child. Thanks for reading, elizabeth


  1. Praise God for always hearing our hearts call. Bless you sweetie.

  2. That was a very inspiring always trust that God will take care of us. Thanks for sharing all the miracles in your life. I love reading about them. It helps me recognize the miracles in my own life.

  3. What a beautiful story and a great reminder to turn to God especially when we don't want to.

    God is a wonderful healer and I just love the fact that he put his hand on your shoulder! How awesome that must have been for you!

  4. Wow. That is such a powerful story!

  5. I am so happy he can hear. God is so good to you.

  6. Wow- God is good! :)
    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    Michele :)

  7. What an amazing, amazing miracle.

    PRAISE THE LORD! Can't wait to see what God has in store for your little hearing guy!


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