Friday, April 11, 2008

Grocery Store Check Outs

I have decided today that I am done monitoring my children at the grocery store check out counter. I did something that is not quite my outward character. Meaning I may have thought it one hundred times, but would never act on it. Well today I acted on it.

I went to buy the final little things for the boy’s birthday party this Sunday. I only have the two younger boys. They are both very pleasant and great to take anywhere as they are pretty easy. That is until we get to the check out counter and they are faced, at eye level with all the choices of chocolates and candy. So there I stand trying to unload my cart, watch my boys and feel my stress level going up as I try to keep their little mitts off the candy. And then out of my mouth. I say it. And I say it in a very fun-loving kind way, with a tone that says every so sweetly don’t mess with me.

“Boys you are welcome to all that candy. For some reason this store things I can unload a cart, pay for my groceries and keep close eye on the biggest temptation to all children across the world. So it’s there free for the taking.” I smile, look at the older checker lady and the line behind me. I then say “and I would like to see one manager walk up to me and ask me to pay for the smorgasbord they have provided for my children.” “How much do I owe you? Yes, I would like cash back.” To which I pay for my groceries, thank the boys for occupying themselves so nicely and walk on out.

Now, I did mention the ease of the two younger boys. They new better not to open or eat any of the candy, but they sure had fun touching and holding all the candy. Eric played counting games with Emerson and Emerson was in candy heaven just looking and touching it all. I am completely rebelling this scenario in which parents across America have to face. I realize it’s the last ditch effort to get parents to pony up a few more dollars or cents at the child who is going ballistic over wanting the candy. But I am saying no more. I am saying out loud that this is wrong and torture is a very sideways manner.

And if I am ever charged with stealing or something like that I will higher an attorney and charge them with pain and suffering on all accounts relating to this matter. (Okay that was the inward processing sneaking outside my brain).


  1. That is great! I hate that the candy is there too. Every store trip ends in a battle and I really hate when other people in the store glare at me when my kids are crying over the candy they can't have. I had one lady buy my 3 children a bag of M&M's because I said no to it. I was even more mad at that lady. I'm sure she thought it was harmless....

  2. Too funny, but you are right. It's not nice of them to put those things are children's eye level and not expect them to touch it.

  3. LOL! I too have learnt to allow certain things to get 'touched' just to avoid the whole rebellion of not being able to touch anything.

  4. You have been TAGGED for the seven things meme. Come see me for details!


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